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Anti Inflammatory

ResveratrolHigh potency antioxidant.
For leaky gut and inflamed intestinal tract.
Cucurmin Jarrow
For joint and other pain. Do not take cucurmin if you taking blood thinners like aspirin or anti-stroke medication
DmannoseClear inflammation from the urinary tract
ColdclearPowerful antiviral formulation.
BreathmoothPowerful lung support herbs.

Digestive Aids

Tract Support
Probiotic that Promotes UT Health
Acid RefluxReduces acid formation. Heals stomach, esophagus tissue.
Wafer like sponge tablet that absorbs acid.
Super PapayaPapaya based enzymes.
Plant EnzymesCritical enzymes to aid digestion.
Easy on the Tummy Tea
Gentle anise/ginger tea that helps soothe nausea and indigestion. Warming by nature.

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Essential Oils

Carrot SeedNourishes blood. Do not use if you are taking medication or supplements for low thyroid.
Eucalyptus Metal oil to open up the lungs and release grief. Top note. Plant Therapy
Norway spruceRecent research shows this oil is antiviral–good for using during Covid 19 pandemic. Middle note.
OakmossGently supports low metal energy to move grief. Base note.
RosemaryTop note to move the metal element and wei qi layer of energy.
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Healing Equipment

Crystal matsTourmaline and Jade
TENSPortable unit for reducing inflammation.
Ultrasound wandsPortable ultrasound wand to reduce inflammation.
Infrared therapyPortable infrared therapy.
Massager (percussive)Strong percussive massage, chiropractor style.
Silicone cupping
Gentle cupping to move the blood.
Massage tableMaster table with 3″ padding.
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Herb Tinctures

Used to support healthy glucose, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial.
Earth’s love lemon balmEffective against shingles. Do not take if on meds for low thryoid.
Herb pharma lemon balmEffective against shingles. Do not take if on meds for low thryoid.
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TopFields of FlowerBroad spectrum mood regulator.
Pain Relief: T reliefHelps with soft tissue and nerve pain.
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spirulinaGreen superfood protein.
hempVegan protein that is easy to digest.
flaxVegan protein that is easy to digest.
celestial seasonings bengal spice teaCaffeine-free cinnamon spice tea for your earth element. Curbs cravings.
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Eye shieldLightweight face shield.
Clear maskMasks that show your smile.
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Calcium liquidCal/mag high potency vitamin D 3 and K with trace minerals liquid. Tangerine flavor.
Calcium Alive Bone TabsSupport for bone health.
Twice Daily Multi with B12Gentle iron-free multi vitamin.
Trace MineralsSupports endocrine, immunity and overall well being.
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