Qi Gong Certification

Create a Soul Based Business that Pays You Well and Ignites Your Passions with our Five Elements Healing Life Coaching Certifications integrated into our Medical Qi Gong Core Trainings

Imagine waking up each day and running a business that helps you develop higher levels of energy, self growth and health as you work with clients.

Qi gong on the beach.

Qi gong aligns you with the power of nature.

A career as a medical qi gong movement instructor or medical qi gong clinician can provide you with the opportunity to be of service to others while earning a satiating income that continues even during lockdown, for our methods emphasize distance qi emission skills that can be performed through Zoom and other methods.

What makes our program so unique?

  • Lineage-level training creates deep learning that transforms and creates healing for practitioner–for how can you help heal others if you are not also healing yourself?
  • Distance energy healing internship modules.
  • Private lessons that meet your schedule and pacing.
  • Five Elements Healing methods which include proprietary applications of this ancient system of healing that is over 2,000 years old.

Aiki Healing brings a vast energetic and spiritual depth to qi gong that is highly unique and sourced in the lineage of three powerful strands of Taoist masters:

  • Dr. Arnold Tayam: (shifu of medical qi gong, taiji, qi gong movement and infinite bagua): Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Grandmaster Sun Zhi Jun, Grandmaster Liang Shouyu, Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang, and Grandmaster Jia Shusen.
  • Master Hua Ching Ni (Cosmic Tour Bagua)-74th generation Taoist master.
  • Master Jeffrey Yuen 88th Generation Jade Purity Priest

    dr Jerry alan johnson, dr arnold tayam and kay hutchinson photograph

    Dr. Arnold Tayam (standing), Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, & Kay Hutchinson.

Aiki Healing offers its qi gong certification program in modular and customized formats through private lessons and personalized mentoring to allow students to develop proficiency earlier and more deeply than in traditional programs of study. Thus, it allows busy people to achieve certification with a pacing and schedule that fits their lives.

With over 20 years experience as an educator and designer of unique curricula, Kay Hutchinson CAMQ, CAMT emphasizes hands-on instruction that allow students to meaningful connect with core concepts, and develop ways to synthesize and create unique healing protocols.

Email Aiki Healing today at info@aikihealing.com to learn how we can customize our program to meet your unique needs.

Training Graduates to Walk their Talk

Dr. Tayam and Aiki Healing students/graduates

The Aiki Healing training requires students to delve deep into personal practices to self-heal, for you cannot help other heal and transform unless you are also working on yourself. The training is a journey of developing greater health, balance and self awareness as you develops skills to help others. Here, Dr. Tayam and Kay, stand after a workshop in Austin, with Aiki Healing graduates and students.

The program also includes mentoring in how to build a successful practice of qi gong as a soul-based business, and offers opportunities after graduation to receive support and guidance as new teachers and practitioners.

Aiki Healing offers movement instructor certification training in person or online that entails:

  • As one year program of study  comprised of two modules of studies that  culminate in a Qi Gong Movement instructor certification for Five Treasures and Taoist Five movements. Each six months study module is 210 hours, creating a rich 420 hours experience for both modules.
  • Deep levels of energetic self analysis and self healing, deep immersion into the five element system, removal of five elemental energy blocks as well as instruction in movement forms and teaching methodology including practice teaching hours.

This one year program of movement is prerequisite for entering the two years medical qi gong clinical studies that lead to a  certification in the qi emission therapies that can be administered in person or via distance qi healing sessions.

2 Years Medical Qi Gong Certification: The movement prerequisite of 420 hours of self development through the movement modules in the first year is foundation for entering the two years study of clinical medical qi gong which culminates in certification in both movement and clinical applications, with electives and endorsement options such as:

  • Energy Reflexology
  • Emotional Balancing
  • Pediatric Applications
  • Corporate Wellness Coaching
  • Women’s Health Issues
  • Geriatric Applications
  • Applications for Special Populations
  • Qi Emission for Animals
  • Chinese Herbal Formulations Raw Herbs
  • Chinese Herbal Formulations Chinese Energy Medicine Aromatherapy

Contact us today for the latest tuition rates. The one-on-one mentoring schedule will be customized to your unique needs. 512-468-6588 (txt and voice) info@aikihealing.com

After Graduate Training and Support

Aiki Healing encourages its graduates to keep growing and learning. The 12 CEUs per year requirement include personal feedback and mentoring courses based on customized topics (many of which are available in our on-demand donations-based library to keep costs affordable for students and convenient in terms of getting hours completed).

On a regular level, graduates also are included on email communications highlighting a variety of tools for marketing and promoting their practices, discussions of cases in terms of refining protocols, and invitations to workshops by teachers in our lineage.  Most recently, Aiki Healing’s Kay Hutchinson traveled with two graduates to attend a conference on the use of stones in Chinese medicine by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

Also, recently Aiki Healing secured contracts with a major healing center for graduates of the program–supporting the process of helping graduates grow their practices. No other program of medical qi gong certification provides this type of job placement opportunity.

In addition, most graduates continue to partake of healing sessions or private coaching sessions to continue the process of deepening their growth and improve skills and applications of knowledge.  Thus, the Aiki Healing program is unique in providing personalized mentoring long after students graduate, as well as helping graduates to connect with business opportunities in their communities.