Empathic Women Stop the Overwhelm, Exhaustion & Anxiety

  • Want to dial down the overwhelm, exhaustion and draining emotional noise?
  • Wish you could get a handle on those chronic health challenges and brain fog?
  • Need a better way to shield yourself so that you’re not being an energy sponge?
  • Do you want make your super sensitive self your superpower instead of it being a super drainer?

Take that deeper breath right now. Exhale long and slow.

Imagine moving through your day with calmer and more focused energy as you let go of strong emotions in the moment instead of letting them snowball and roll over you.

Imagine ending the day with higher energy instead of feeling exhausted and drained from sensing other people’s energy all day long.

What if I told you that everything you just imagined is POSSIBLE … and you can have it all when you learn how to: 

🧘🏽‍♀️ Create a stronger energy shield to filter and block negative energy.

🧘🏽‍♀️ Cleanse and release stressful emotional energy quickly and easily.

🧘🏽‍♀️ Revive yourself in short bursts as you move through your day.


Just out of curiosity… if in only 60 days you learned how to:

🔵  Consistently create a stable sense of center and calm and shield yourself from stress and chaos

🔵 Build higher levels of energy each day.

🔵 Identify when you’re getting overwhelmed and engage fast resets before strong emotions snowball and exhaust you. 

🔵 Use your bubble bath time, trip to the beach, kayak time or lay down and rest time in a focused way to replenish yourself deeply.

🔵 Demystify how to use healing stones and essential oils to easily amp up your shields and energy levels.

🔵 Realign your energy to the frequency of your highest healing power  so that you can always access divine help.

🔵 Fine tune your power tribe so that you have positive support versus draining relationships in your life.

🔵 Keep growing and evolving your empathic abilities in a way that fits your busy life.

Would you be happy?

I think so too.

Stop suffering in silence.

Scroll down for a gift sample and start feeling better right away.


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Leave the Overwhelm Behind

Even if you have always thought that you will always feel exhausted and drained OR you've tried meditation or other energy healings and gotten nowhere--these energy transmissions will work for you.

Scroll down to see how clients are thriving with the simple tools from the "Get Your Mojo Back" healing journey.

Access a Gift Healing

Experience deep healing in your earbuds and tap into the power of your empathic nature.

Clients Get Joyfully Deep Results

Moriah P. Owner of Austin Energy Spa

I definitely feel less anxious and calmer after years of feeling overwhelmed. I love how you customized the experience to coach me on some business aspects that I face as an empath so that I could unlock some serious blocks that were preventing me from going forward. "

Sheri S. V.P at Frost Bank 

Kay I just cannot believe it–I always thought I would just have to push through with the intense feelings and exhaustion. I thought, ‘This is just the way I am.’ But, I was so relaxed and yet energized–wow! I had forgotten I could feel that way–especially at the end of a long week.  My brain has not felt this quiet in years. These energy transmissions are God-sent.

Jordienne P.  retired HR executive at Pfizer

I've really enjoyed the energy healing audios through the "Get Your Mojo Back" program and the audio book program. They have helped me to release grief and anxiety and access deep states of calm--that sense of wellness from connecting to God. The tools are so easy to use also--I love the format and have them on my tablet so I can listen anytime.

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Get Your Mojo Back: All the Tools You Need to Turn Struggle into Power

Join the next cohort and learn the simple resets that dial down anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion and empower you to use your sensitive nature to achieve greater states of vibrancy, mental focus and calm amid chaos.

How does it work?

We meet Fridays at 6 pm CST in Clubhouse starting Feb. 25, 2022 for 8 weeks for a live transmission of energy healing (with replays available if you cannot make the live). This will resest your energy for the week.

Then, on a daily level to reactivate the healing,  access an 8 minute reset designed to help you in the moment to stop overwhelm & exhaustion in their tracks.


Save over $1000 when you register today.


Make Your Sensitivity Your Super Power vs. a Super Drainer

Let me ask you...does any of this sound like you? 

🔵 Do you know deep inside that being a sensitive woman is a gift, but you struggle with the overwhelm and feel like it’s a curse?

🔵 Do you feel alone and exhausted from trying to make sense of your strong feelings that seem to just come out of nowhere?

🔵 Are you simply exhausted by all your recent life changes but just haven’t had a consistent and quick way to revive yourself?

🔵 Do you wish you could create a stronger shield and filter so you’re not being an energy sponge?

🔵 Do you need to get at the root of many of your chronic health challenges with methods that take minutes instead of hours?

🔵 Do you feel frustrated that you haven’t been able to find a practical, consistent and sustainable way to control your energy and feelings?

I know exactly how you feel.  Because I was in your shoes for 22 years. I was debilitated by fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression because my sensitive self was simply overloaded by the vast amount of information and feelings that I picked up from the world and other people. 

So, I know exactly how frustrating it is to be in the same place year after year of struggling to stop the overwhelm and get control over emotions and the physical stress that comes from being a sensitive woman in the world.

 I almost gave up.

That’s when I learned from Dr. Arnold Tayam, head qi gong instructor for some of Stanford’s Integrative Medicine programs, a system of simple energy resets from the system of qi gong, that I modified especially for my sensitive and emotional feminine self, that restored my health, calmness and melted away that brain fog that kept me in a perpetual haze.

The good news is you can get there too AND it won’t take you 22 years.

 With over 18 years experience in energy medicine, I’ve created a hands-on healing journey to solve that problem of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious and bombarded as an empathic woman…in 60 days. 


It’s as easy to engage as taking a bubble bath, laying out on the beach, or just relaxing on your favorite lounger.

The “Get Your Mojo Back” healing journey is perfect for you if are ready to:

  •  Put your healing and wellness as a top priority in your life invest in YOU.
  •  Learn how to regulate your energy deeply and consistently so that you can have calmer emotions and more energy.
  •  Take 8 minutes each day to reset your energy with audio healings in your earbuds.
  •  Partake of a one-hour weekly audio healing transmission that you can listen to while in the bath or lounging to reset to a brain state of deep calmness and focus.
  •  Experience the power of healing stones and herbs in a way that demystifies both so that you know exactly what stone or herb to reach for to enhance your relaxation and pamper time.
  •  Drink in the healing scents of a custom essential oil blend that decreases the intensity of what you are feeling, right in the moment.

Here’s some of what we’re going to work on:

  •  ANXIETY BUSTERS: How to identify and balance the two types of anxiety that counselors and psychiatrists will never tell you about. Even if you do not identify as being “anxious’ you will benefit from these deeply grounding techniques.
  •  SHIELD & IMMUNITY BOOSTERS: How to use your outer energy bubble to create a strong shield and filter so you don’t have to be an energy sponge.
  •  IN-THE-MOMENT ENERGY RESETS: Quick 5 to 8 minute resets to dial down PTSD and other emotional triggers.
  •  JOY TOOL KIT: How to access the energy of joy as an antidote to intense states of anxiety, fear, anger, and grief.
  •  INTEGRATION ACCELERATOR: How to implement energy regulation in everyday life so that resetting yourself becomes as easy and natural as taking a breath.

Reclaim Your ENERGY.

Reserve Your Space in the Next Cohort

What You Get with Our Hands-On Healing Sessions

A 60 Day Road Map of Healing that Creates Consistently Higher Energy, Vibrant Health & Less Anxiety

  • Access to guided, weekly hands-on energy healing sessions and 8 minute daily energy resets that leave you deeply relaxed, blissful and realigned with your true power. ($1250)
  •  Each client will also receive a beautifully healing kit of blessed healing crystals, a proprietary essential oil blend, and a copy of the book, "Five Elements Healing: A Practical Guide to Reclaiming Your Essential Power." ($120)
  • Stone mini-lessons that demystify how to use stones to heal deeply. ($50)
  •  BONUS: One-on-one checkins and mentoring so you learn how to integrate what you learn in your everyday life. ($1600)
  • Secret Bonuses that you will get via email at the completion of each lesson ($500)

Total Value: $3520.

I always ask my clients when we start working together,  "What do you think your current struggles are costing you financially, a $1000, $3500...more?"  

Every single one of them answers, "MORE!" Of course.

They are paying more than that in mindfulness trainings, meditation classes, medical bills, fitness trainer fees, dietary and weight loss program fees,  therapists or life coach fees, and in lost income because they don't have the energy to manifest true abundance across a body, mind and spiritual level.

I'll bet you are experiencing this too!

So you can appreciate why this healing journey is valued at $3520.

Since you are among the first 5 to enroll for this next beta cohort, I am offering you this special rate of $1997 and that one-on-one private mentoring bonus as my thank you gift for giving feedback on your experience as we work together privately.



Ready to Get Your Mojo Back?

14 Day Risk Free Policy

I make it easy for you to try the healing journey out risk-free with our no questions asked 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Often when we are at the edge of a really important transformation, we hesitate and pull back. Sound familiar?

Instead, invite yourself to delve into the full potential of your energy, without risk. You have nothing to lose and all the MOJO to gain.

To order as a gift, email [email protected] for a gift certificate.

Invite a friend to join you, and if she stays enrolled beyond 14 days, you'll get a 30% refund on your healing journey fees.

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