Honor Your Spirit Angels with Meditative Thoughts and Love

May 30, 2011 6:10 pm

Memorial Day is an opportunity to  honor all of those beautiful and loving people who are no longer with us in the tangible form.

Take a moment today and do a long set of qi gong, breath work or other meditative activity to honor ancestors, loved ones, and dear friends who are in spirit form.

Drink in the realization that we can always access that spirit realm to reconnect with those whom we love in spirit form.

Angels grace our presence in a myriad of ways, only sometimes we are too busy to notice.

Today, take a moment to notice. Perhaps it is in the soft breezes that an angel speaks to you.

Perhaps it is in the way the sun sparkles on river water.

Look around.  What do you notice about divinity today?

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

Kay is the founder of Aiki Healing, a practice of medical qi gong dedicated to increasing the energy and well being of clients across the body, mind and spiritual levels. Email or call her today for a personalized consultation or bliss bodywork session. 512-468-6588 aikihealing@gmail.com