Natural Protection Against Swine Flu

May 3, 2009 1:09 am

 Swine flu, like many other flu strains, is a virus that can be transmitted in an airborne fashion or through tactile contact by touching surfaces that have been exposed to the virus, and touching the eyes, nose or other mucus membranes.

Wash Hands and Disinfect

Therefore, one of the easiest ways to prevent spread of the virus is to wash your hands frequently and disinfect surfaces such as shared keyboards, mice, telephones, and door handles.

In clinic, I use a mixture of ravensare, thyme, clove oil, rosemary, eucalyptus, and orange oil in a base of vinegar to create a powerful natural disinfectant that is anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

Use 20 drops of each oil to one pint of distilled vinegar.

Although there are many chemical antiviral, antibacterial products on the market, many viruses and bacteria have developed immunity because these chemical products are so over-used.

Also, many of the chemical products have toxic effects, aggravating asthma and allergies in many individuals.

Often times, people with a virus, re-infect themselves by not sterilizing or replacing toothbrushes after a bout of flu, or disinfecting toothpaste caps or tubes.

Remember that any surface that has been exposed to saliva or other mucus fluids is a surface that may harbor the virus.

So, replace toothbrushes and toothpastes after an illness and disinfect surfaces such as the bathroom sink, tub and commodes.

Prevent and Minimize Symptoms with Chinese Herbs

Another way you can protect your body is to take formulations of Chinese herbs designed to strengthen the immunity system and move viruses to the exterior layers of the energy body and out the body.

The incubation period is usually between two and seven days.

If you know you have been exposed to the flu, you can take herbs designed to harness the body’s immunity to drive out the pathogen, before symptoms manifest as prevention.

Formulations such as Yu Ping Feng Pian have been used successfully to treat Asian avian flu strains.

Also, if used within the first two days of symptoms appearing,  formulas such as Yin Qiao can also be very helpful in reducing the severity of the virus’ impact on health.

However, it is important not to use herbs that have an anti-viral or anti-bacterial nature for allergies as they may over stimulate the immunity system in a way to aggravate allergies (as often allergies are the manifestation of the body’s immunity system being too active and producing histamines in response to foreign proteins in allergens).

Flu is often accompanied by body aches, fever, chills, and fatigue in addition to runny nose and congestion of ears or sinus cavaties.

Allergies usually are not accompanied by fever, body aches, chills but may have runny nose, congestion , and itchy eyes.

Foods that Protect the Body

Foods that help the body fight off pathogens include cabbage and carrots soup, turnips, bamboo shoots (rich source of zinc), citrus fruit (rich source of vitamin C), and mild curry stew (the tumeric and curry are high in vitamin c and also open the portals to release pathogens).

You can make this soup easily by using a base of  6-8 cups of organic chicken broth (low sodium or organic vegetable broth), 3 large turnips diced, 3 large carrots diced, and 1/2 cup of white cabbage.

Add water until there is enough  fluid to cover the vegetables and have  a level of about 1″ above the vegetables.

Add in 1-2 tsp of toasted garlic, 1 small purple onion, 2 tsp of tumeric, 1 tsp of curry, and 2 stalks of finely chopped organic celery for flavor.

Bring to boil, then simmer for one hour.

Drink several cups of the broth per day.

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