Get Your Mojo Back: Herbal Healing Journey for Empaths (Level 1)

Get Your Mojo Back with Healing Herbal Meditations & Custom Spiritual Tincture Creation Workshop:

$497 special rate ($538 with sales tax)--usually $697 but for a limited time I offer you this special rate.

Suffering from chronic fatigue, pain  and other stress related health challenges as a sensitive woman?

Need a way to self care deeply but challenged to find a way to do that?

Do you suspect that herbs can help but feel a bit put off by the cost and complexity?

What if you could create your own custom infused tinctures with herbs that resonate specifically with your own energy not only physically but on that emotional and spiritual level?

What if you could do this in a way that is deeply self healing and as easy as laying on your lounger or soaking in bathtub?

In this introduction to Tang dynasty herbs you'll learn how to tap into the spiritual uses of ancient herbs that were used in Chinese energy medicine around 690 -705 AD. and develop a relationship with the spirit of each herb to create a deep self healing journey that will help you get your mojo back.

 How Does it Work?

First, I'll send you the hands on kit complete with all the raw herbs that you'll need.

Starting Dec. 4, Saturday at 11 am CST for four sessions or weeks, we'll meet in Zoom for an herbal healing that will guide you where to place the herbs on your body and how to connect to the energy  and properties of each herb so that you develop a resonance and relationship with the herbs.

Next, you will watch the short herb tea prep video and follow the "tea revival moment" to fully experience the taste and healing property of the herbs.

Once a week, I'll check in with you privately during email, phone call or Zoom (your choice), to answer questions and help you integrate what you are learning into your healing journey.

This private mentoring is key to the deeper level as it gives you an opportunity to really delve deep into areas of yourself that  need healing and get support.

Acupuncturists, we'll use our private mentoring time to go over clinical applications and how you can deepen your work with herbs to help clients transform their emotional and spiritual journeys.

During the last class, you'll follow the step by step video recipe to create your own custom tincture out of the herbs  using qi emission techniques to shift the energy of the herbs as they cook -- to create a tincture that is potent in only 8 hours instead of the usual weeks it takes.

What Clients Are Saying

"Kay, I'm loving this journey--the tea ritual was sooo relaxing --what a fun way to learn about herbs."  Cheryl Prunnell 

"It may sound crazy, but I actually felt some shifts from laying with the herbs on my body --how cool is that?"  Moriah Polanco of Austin Energy Spa 

"The healing with the herbs placed on my body was so incredible Kay--I felt the healing energy, an almost floating sensation. i wish they taught herbs in this experiential way in my acupuncture program. I am so grateful to study with you in this way." Renee Vhlahakis- licensed acupuncturist

What  You'll Get

  • Hands on herb kit to meditate with and use for the cooking and tincture projects plus tincture jar and dropper vial.
  • Pre-recorded 30 minute audio weekly herbal meditations that teaches you about specific spiritual and emotional properties as well as the physical healing qualities of each herb--and allows you to experience these qualities through a distance qi emission session that you can engage while you lay in a bathtub or on your favorite lounger.
  • Pre-recorded, step by step videos "how to cook your herbs" weekly lesson with meditative "herb tea time" exercise.
  • Create a custom tincture video.
  • Aiki Healing Quick Chart of All the Herbal Properties so you can easily pick and choose which ones to use for specific emotional conditions.
  • Weekly one-on-one mentoring check-ins to help you integrate what you learn, answer questions and help you process what comes up during the journey--and also guide how to create custom formulations for unique challenges you may be facing.

[ I will supply you with a list of vendors for the cooking mason jar, vegetable glycerine that you'll need by week 4]

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 Easy peasy healing--easy on the pocket book and easy on your time and energy. 


Special $497 (plus tax) price for the $697 valued mentored herbal healing experience

I understand that herbal medicine is not a substitute for traditional western medical care and that I am advised to seek the care of a licensed medical professional for any health concerns or challenges. 

This course is for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific health concerns. 

I agree to mediation as the sole means of resolving any concerns or issues with Aiki Healing regarding my reactions or responses to this healing journey. 

I understand that after 14 days from when the course begins, I can ask for a full refund with no questions asked. Depending on the methods payment selected, I understand that a refund may take up to 45 days to process but may occur sooner depending on how quickly my payment vendor can receive the funds back.  Aiki Healing will do everything possible to facilitate a refund within 10 days but Aiki Healing cannot control the time frame the banks or processing vendors take to return tuition fees.

I understand that I must ask for the refund no later than midnight of the 14th day following the start of access to the course in order to receive a full refund.

After 14 days, no refunds will be given.

I agree to let Aiki Healing know if I'm having challenges with achieving the objectives of the healing journey so that extra mentoring can be offered to me at no extra charge to meet goals.



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