Ways to Energize Yourself in the New Year

January 23, 2013 8:08 pm

So often as the years and seasons change, we change internally, creating a need to cleanse to let go of old experiences, habits, patterns, thoughts and relationships that are no longer serving us optimally.It can be an exciting time to find new directions by creating the space to welcome new experiences in the life.

Qi gong can be a tool to help discover these new layers of energy and possibilities for your life.

(1) Reflect and review on the past year. Notice the areas of self that have grown and stretched out of your comfort zones and celebrate those areas. Reflect on the things that allowed you to manifest this growth and make a list of every helpful factor in your life that has contributed to the growth. This is your gratitude and celebration list.

(2) Make a list of what you would like to create in your life and divide that list into categories. What would you like to see in these areas?

  • Social/relationship growth.
  • Financial growth.
  • Health growth.
  • Spiritual growth.
  • Emotional growth.

Now that you have your list, ask yourself, “What part(s) of me will stop me from achieving these goals?” Though we may like to tell ourselves that it is external circumstances that prevent us from manifesting dreams and visions, it truly is ourselves that block the manifestation.

One client shared his lists for growth:

Socially: I would like to date vibrant and exciting people on the quest to find that special one. I also want to surround myself with new friends to feed my creativity and love for life. I am willing to let go of friendships that have become stagnant and that drain my energy.

Financially: I want to pay off at least two major debts this year and invest those resources into a improving my current home and myself.

Health: I want to achieve losing five pounds and having stronger center core muscles by exercising daily for even 10 minutes a day.I want to cook more for myself so I can control better the level of salt, fat and carbs in my diet.

Spiritual growth: I want to take more time to meditate, at least 15 minutes every day. I want to participate at least once a week in something that absolutely lights up my spirit.

Emotional growth: I’d like to learn how to sit more with the more challenging feelings in life instead of just glossing them over in myself. I want to allow myself to feel and sit with fears instead of trying to use logic to deny feelings.

Next, my client made his list of what might stop him from achieving these goals:

“A part of self wants to stay in comfort zones and not get out there to meet new people.”

“A part of self tells me that it impossible to find time to meditate even though I have been told that meditation doesn’t have to happen in stand alone ways. I can integrate meditation into every day life by taking five or ten minute breaks of mindfulness to do qi gong or breath work. This is the same part of self that convinces me there is no time to exercise or attend spiritual events or activities.”

“A part of me feels overwhelmed to grocery shop and buy good foods to prepare. So I just grab fast food.”

“A part of me is stuck in defining how I can achieve my goals; it stops me from seeing that a spiritual activity can be as simple as paying attention to nature as I’m walking and seeing the God in all that is around me. Instead, I make it complicated and believe that I have to go to a workshop or retreat to have a spiritual event in my life.”

“A part of me is stuck on comparing myself to others who seem to have more abundance such that I don’t feel that my efforts are getting me anywhere even when I do the things to be healthy across the financial, social, health and spirit levels.”

“A part of me does not feel worthy to achieve balance in the life and is always subtly doubting that I can manifest these things so I resist and then use that to justify the self doubt.”

“A part of me just rebels against anything I think is coming from a parental part of self that says, ‘You need to do this to be healthy.’ It is silly but I fight my own self.”

Once my client identified the parts of self and messages that could potentially sabotage efforts, he was empowered to ?rewire those parts of self by consciously connecting into the opposition of those messages.

He armed himself with these messages:

I am empowered to greet at least three new people each week whether it turns into dates or not.

I will notice nature and God during a 10 minute walk daily or while I am doing qi gong.

It is okay to feel overwhelmed by grocery shopping but each week, I will purchase at least five products that will feed my body in a healthy way.

I am worthy to feel healthy and in tune with life.

I compare myself only to me and love me.

It is the power to recognize the aspects of self that can sabotage us and mindfully transform those parts of self that help us to stop blaming the external world, people and circumstances for our own blocks to success, and create the life we deserve to have.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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