Qi Gong Stress Relief

August 16, 2008 6:56 pm

Qi gong can be a powerful tool to integrate into daily life to reduce stress, increase energy and improve health.  Qi gong consists of three components:

  1. Healing movements.
  2. Breath work and meditations.
  3. Clinical or medical qi gong which is a form of energy bodywork and healing, often combined with acupressure.

Qi Gong –Deep Breathing  

Qi Gong Stress R reliefOxygen is perhaps one of the most important anti-oxidants and stress busters as it helps to decrease cortisol and other stress hormones in our bodies.

 Take a five -minutes break to focus on counted breath work that increases oxygen levels, reduces fatigue, and also redirects your mind away from anxious or depressive thoughts.

  •  a. Sit or stand comfortable and consciously relax the muscles in neck, shoulders, arms, hands, torso, legs and feet.
  • b. Release stagnant energy by exhaling or a slow count of 9.  Imagine a balloon deflating most fully.
  • c.  Inhale slowly paying attention to filling your lungs for a count of 9. Imagine a balloon filling most fully.
  • d. Repeat this cycle of inhaling and exhaling four more times.

 Notice how your thoughts drift initially. Bring the thoughts back to counting slowly, and the imagery of deflating and inflating balloon.  In time, your thoughts will drift less.

qi gong movement for relaxation

Qi Gong Movement:  Pulling Down the Heavens

Most of my clinic and class clients know this movement well as it can be used to release stress and also bring in or collect energy to rejuvenate the body.

 Perform 9 pulling down the heavens movements very slowly when you feel stress.

  •  To begin, raise arms to the sides with palms upward as you inhale.
  • Continue raising arms towards the ceiling as if you are going to grasp a silvery ball above your head.
  •  Imagine that you are scooping a cool silvery ball over you head.
  • Exhale as move this ball down past the head, lowering the hands until hands rest at your sides.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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