Reduce Fears and Anxiety about Finances

October 23, 2008 9:00 pm

finances, stress reductionSo many of you are sharing that you are experiencing high levels of stress about the economic challenges here in the states and worldwide.

There seems to be such a pervasive energy of fear, anxiety and great pain about all the changes the economic volatility is creating.

Here are some strategies to release those fears and align yourself with abundance and prosperity.

(1) Instead of panicking and reacting to current economic volatility, take a moment to perform deep five count breathing.

Inhale slowly for a count of five. While inhaling, visualize the current challenges as a temporary crest of an ocean wave.

Visualize prosperity and abundance as deep as the ocean, for that abundance is always there to access even during times of challenge.

Exhale slowly for a count of five. While exhaling, imagine releasing the energy of anxiety and fear as tangible energy.

Take care to release not only your own fears, but the weight of all the emotions of others that you encounter daily.

(2) Recognize that economic volatility is driven by perceptions and our reactions to those perceptions.  Thus, you have a choice to fuel the volatility by panicking and reacting, or to counter the tide of panic by making decisions from a calm and mindful place.

(3) Take time to research and consider both the short term and long term impact of your financial decisions, and make decisions from a place of considering many factors, not just dire reports, which reflect an energy of fear.

Instead, arm yourself with practical knowledge. John Fung has  a wonderful series of informative videos on YouTube that provide his expert knowledge as an economist with humor and lightness, qualities very much needed to reduce stress and anxiety.

The first video in the series can be found here:

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