Qi Gong Tools for Empathic Women Healing from Narcissists

Qi Gong Tools Guaranteed to Make

Healing  Narcissistic Abuse 

Faster & Easier

Women Empaths:

  • Restore your centeredness with God.

  • Reduce anxiety right away.

  • Reclaim control of your feelings.


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Three Easy Ways to Stop the Drain & Overwhelm of Narcissistic Abuse

1. Get Your Mojo Back

A 12 Week God-Focused Healing Journey for Empathic Women Healing from Narcissistic Abuse & Empathic Overload

If you've always thought that being an empathic woman means you'll always be exhausted or overwhelmed , it might surprise you to know that all empathic women can learn how to reset their energy quickly with qi gong tools and immediately connect to the protective force of God to shield and heal from narcissistic attacks and regulate feelings easily and quickly.


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2. Herbal Healing Journey for Empaths

Suffering from chronic fatigue, emotional exhaustion & other stress related health challenges that happen when we have experienced narcissistic attacks?

Need a way to self care deeply & regulate your emotions but challenged to find a way to do that?

In this 4-week journey, you'll learn how to access the power of herbs to reclaim your health, mental clarity and spiritual grounding.

"I can't belieave I actually felt tingles and shifts in my feelings and body just from having the herbs on my body."  Renee Vlahakis, L.AC


Listen to a 6 Minute Herbal Healing

3. Soul Essence Sisterhood Healing Circle

Feeling empty and as if the landscape of your soul has gone utterly gray?

Experiencing narcissistic abuse is one of the worse things an empath woman can experience because it leaves you gutted and drained on a soul level.

You don't have to go through restoration alone.

Imagine being wrapped in a supportive year-long healing circle of women as we collectively restore the color to your spirit and life with God-focused qi gong tools that are quick and easy to engage--even on those days when you feel utterly exhausted.


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Our Clients Get Deeply Transformative Results Quickly

I've Stopped Being an Energy Sponge.

Click on the play button to watch the 8 minute video of Juanita's powerful transformation of letting go of ancestral wounding and healing her body deeply after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

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What Other Clients are Saying 


Moriah Polanco, Owner Austin Energy Spa

Kay has helped me completely transform myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, breaking through multiple blocks in life and  with running my holistic business.


Sheri Smyth VP at Frost Bank

Kay I just cannot believe it–I always thought I would just have to push through with the intense feelings and exhaustion. I thought, ‘This is just the way I am.’ But, I was so relaxed and yet energized–wow! I had forgotten I could feel that way–especially at the end of a long week.  My brain has not felt this quiet in years. These energy transmissions are God-sent.

Minister Sonya Hosey 

I have participated in Kay's sessions and they have made such a big difference in creating calmness, peace in my life and restoring my health. After listening to one of her Clubhouse healing sessions, I had to exclaim, "This was marvelous. I came in with knots of tension and now I am so relaxed!"

Jordienne Pettit --retired HR exec at Pfizer

I've really enjoyed the energy healing audios through the "Get Your Mojo Back" program and the audio book program. They have helped me to release grief and anxiety and access deep states of calm--that sense of wellness from connecting to God. The tools are so easy to use also--I love the format and have them on my tablet so I can listen anytime.

Nikki Washington owner of Blooming out of Depression 

I love how Aiki Healing works integratively with my other medical providers and customizes a healing plan specific to my needs.

 I battled with multiple health challenges. Through my Aiki Healing health consultations, I regained hope and health.

Nancy Samano: Healing Cancer with Qi Gong 

Kay has helped me push through emotional blockages in my own healing journey and moved me from inertia and fear. I've studied with kay for a number of years and am so thankful for these simple yet powerful tools that have restored hope and calmed anxiety deeply at very challenging times in my life.

You can also free yourself and turn your sensitivities into your greatest blessings.


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