Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing

Take the 1.5 Minute Narcissistic Energy Vampire Test

Have you ever walked away from a dear friend, spouse or coworker feeling absolutely exhausted, scattered, and anxious?

If so, you may have encountered a narcissistic energy vampire.

Click the video play button to find out if someone in your inner circle is feeding on your energy. 

Then, after you watch, take the first step to heal narc abuse with a 3 minute FREE reset to help you reclaim God's peace anytime you feel overwhelmed or anxious after you engage a narcissist or any type of emotional vampire.

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Did You Answer Yes to Any of the Questions in the Narcissistic Energy Vampire Test?

If so, there might be an energy vampire feeding on your precious energy. 

It's okay. You’re not alone and this is not your fault.

Narcissists are energy vampires. They suck the life out of you even if they claim that they love you.

I understand. I was just like you. 
After  5 years in a relationship with a narcissistic man, I too was drained, exhausted and sick.
I had painful shingles, chronic fatigue and horrible gut bloating that would not improve despite my 21 years experience as a qi gong healer.

 I was totally ill, frustrated and sad. 

My health was failing me … I literally almost gave up.

 But God had other plans. 
Through deep prayer and qi gong meditation, God revealed to me a special blend of herbs to help me rest and revive deeply so that I could heal the deep wounds caused by the journey with my narcissistic ex.
And coincidentally, I already had the 9 herbs in my clinical pharmacy. 
When I steeped the herbs into a tea and engaged qi gong breath work and prayer,  I immediately felt:
  • A deep sense of restoration and higher energy.
  • Less anxiety and brain fog.
  • God's shielding and healing immediately wrap around me deeply.
 After more prayer and qi gong meditation, I was led to create the “Get Your Mojo Back Healing Journey" to help other women heal the deep damage caused by being drained by narcissists and other energy vampires.

Since these toxic people drain our energy--it takes quantum level energy tools like herbs and qi gong to realign us with God, so we can fully recover and thrive.
This Year-Long Healing Journey Membership is For You If:
  • You often feel like a zombie couch potato--no matter what you do to eat healthy, exercise and get sleep.
  • You’re still struggling to get off the emotional roller coaster despite seeing counselors or taking psychiatric medications.
  • You feel overwhelmed by nagging physical symptoms like gut bloat, constant colds/viruses or weight gain that just don’t seem to improve.
  • You just can’t shake  the feeling that the energy vampire is still attached to you despite prayers, cord-cutting healings, and the determination to move on with your life. 
  • You understand the high financial and emotional cost of remaining exactly where you are--and are ready to invest in sustainable, restful healing tools and the year-long support of a sisterhood healing circle who understand exactly what you are experiencing.
Click here to take the first step in the journey with a FREE 3 Minute Reset to Calm Overwhelm

My Clients Are Breaking Free from the Damage of Narcissists

Moriah Polanco, Owner Austin Energy Spa

Kay has helped me completely transform myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, breaking through multiple blocks in life that were caused by energy vampires.


First Lady Diane Falcon

Kay's resets have made such a a difference in my life helping me release narcissitic wounds that I didn't realize were impacting my health. Even my husband notices how much calmer I am--and I'm now able to set stronger boundaries with people who are energy drainers.

Minister Sonya Hosey 

I have participated in Kay's sessions and they have made such a big difference in creating calmness, peace in my life and restoring my health. After listening to one of her Clubhouse healing sessions, I had to exclaim, "This was marvelous. I came in with knots of tension and now I am so relaxed!"

Jordienne Pettit --retired HR exec at Pfizer

I've really enjoyed the energy healing audios through the "Get Your Mojo Back" program and the audio book program. They have helped me to release grief and anxiety and access deep states of calm--that sense of wellness from connecting to God. The tools are so easy to use also--I love the format and have them on my tablet so I can listen anytime.

Nikki Washington owner of Blooming out of Depression 

I'm just now starting to understand how a wound from a past relationship cascaded to create a lot of the health issues I'm experiencing.  With the herbal journey, I've been able to heal in a way that just wasn't possible before--and I've tried everything from psychotherapy to medications.


Cheryl Purnell

These resets rebooted my energy level.

l loved the guided breathing and giving thanks to God for the blessings today.

I felt the heaviness lift and the tiredness is gone.

Looking forward to doing this again this week.

With each cohort, I learn something new that empowers me to greater peace and health.

Break free from the clutches of narcissistic energy vampires today.

Our year-long cohort programs featuring quantum energy healing start at $4997 with payment plans and scholarships available--AND a risk-free, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Start the healing journey with this FREE 3 minute reset.