Want to turn your sensitive nature & anxieties into super powers?

Three Focused Ways to Work with Aiki Healing

1. Get Your Mojo Back: An 8 Week Hands-on Guided Audio Healing Journey for Queen Empaths with Serious Exhaustion & Anxiety

Stop the overwhelm and learn how to control your emotional responses and energy as a deeply empathic woman. Want to take your sensitivity and make it your super power and get :

  • Calmer Focus
  • More Energy at the End of Your Day

My executive client Sheri said, “I could not believe how deeply rested and calm my brain felt after listening to the resets. I haven’t felt this way in years.”

Sheri has a very demanding job where she has interact with a wide variety of people and often ended her Fridays feeling totally spent frazzled and wired.

The shift in her calmness and energy level was so significant after listening to the audio healings that even her husband noticed.

She laughed as she shared with me, “Kay I just cannot believe it–I always thought I would just have to push through with the intense feelings and exhaustion. I thought, “This is just the way I am. But, I was so relaxed and yet energized–wow! I had forgotten I could feel that way–especially at the end of a long week with clients and staff.”

Moriah P. shared, “I definitely feel this combination of deep audio healings that I can do laying down along with the 8 Minute resets is shifting something deep inside of me because instead of being overwhelmed by anxiety and feelings, I am able to move forward with taking steps to build my business.

I am staying much calmer even as the world continues to be chaotic in new ways.”

Nancy S. took her Get Your Mojo Back audio healings, essential oils and stones with her to the beach and let the healing frequencies just wash over her like the waves of the ocean to soothe the intense feelings of loss and that disconnected feeling we empaths can experience when the world is just too much.

So even if you think you don’t have energy or time, Get Your Mojo Back is for you–it’s as easy as drawing a bubble bath and putting the healings in your earbuds, or laying down by the beach or pool and letting yourself reclaim your energy and calmness, simply and effortlessly.

With over 18 years experience as an energy medicine specialist, I am thrilled when I hear clients say, “I am so very grateful to be on this healing journey with you Kay–and never dreamed this kind of healing could be so easy. Thank you!” Joy P.

I want this kind of wins for you. You deserve it–so let me help you say bye bye to feeling overwhelmed and anxious and help you rediscover the amazing gift of being a super sensitive Queen.

2. Private one-on-one Distance Healing and Health Consultation

These delicious medical qi gong healing experiences are 60 minutes and leave you relaxed, revived at core levels.

The health analysis segment will also give you a written guide of customized strategies including suggestions for herbal supplements, diet, energetic movements, and mindfulness training to get at the root of the health challenges or stress that you are experiencing. $600.00

3. Five Elements Healing: A Practical Guide to Reclaiming Your Essential Power

Our Amazon book will teach you the blueprint of your energy and guide you through hands on energy healing activities to help you refuel your essential five element tanks to restore vibrancy, emotional peace and spiritual abundance.

“I especially enjoyed Chapter 3 which helped me process grief deeply with tools I could use right in the moment. I did not even realize that as an empath, I was holding not only my own grief but the grief of others and it was draining me until I learned how to release it.” Katie L.