Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing

You Don't Have to Feel Like a Zombie Couch Potato

Season #2

This healing will help you reclaim your ability to honor what is important to you, give you more energy and battle the fears that sometimes come up when we have been damaged by a narcissist.  

Other resources: Join us Saturdays at Noon CST for a free qi gong healing session in Zoom to help you use movement and herbs to liberate yourself from the damage of narcissistic abuse.

For deeper healings, join the Get Your Mojo Back herbal healing membership and rest into easy restoration of your soul, body and mind.  Send the word HEALING to [email protected]  and I'm happy to share more about how you can join our curated tribe of women empaths who are transforming damage and trauma from narcissists into liberation, vitality and deepest connection to God.