Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing

Heal these Critical Five Areas to Fully Recover from Narcissistic Abuse

Season #3

Did you know that narcissists decimate and damage us across five critical areas that psychotherapy does not exist--nor does psychiatry or western medicine? This is is why it takes so long for us to heal. In this healing, we'll start working to heal these five areas gently with a reset integrating the healing frequencies of God and plants. Listen and relax.

Then, for the deepest healing, join me for the next cohort of the Get Your Mojo Back herbal healing journey -- to reclaim your energy, health and heal those deep soul wounds in a supportive sister hood virtual circle. Email the word MOJO and I'm happy to share how you can join our special curated tribe of women just like you who deserve to experience whole healing--body, mind and soul.