A Journey of Reclaiming Energy

I remember that dark day.
Laying in pain, totally exhausted, and overwhelmed with waves of anxiety rolling over me, it felt like the noise of the world, the intensity of feeling other people's feelings, and the exhaustion that comes from being an empath in a chaotic world had finally taken its toll on me. 

I felt disconnected from my magic, lost and burdened by the curse of being a highly sensitive woman, wracked by debilitating fibromyalgia and other chronic health issues, and scattered with a level of brain fog that made it very difficult to get through the day much less be productive.
Sound familiar?

Keep reading to find out how I transformed this struggle and turned my sensitivity into a super power instead of a super drainer...and how you can do this too!


You Can't Get Anywhere Unless You Work with the True Problem

I went from doctor to doctor, healer to healer--some interventions worked for a while, but then BLAM, I'd find myself right back in that cycle of struggle and pain until...
I found Dr. Arnold Tayam, head of medical qi gong programs taught at Stanford Integrative Department and founder of Longevity Institute and Clinic.
He taught me that one thing that NO ONE had ever said to me--that the root cause of my challenges were that my energy tanks were near empty.
He taught me a regimen of simple energy exercises (qi gong), breathwork and self massage of energy power points which I then modified for my sensitive and feminine nature, and created a system of qi gong healing movements and sound therapies--along with essential oils and stone healing that helped me to:
  • Regulate my shields and filters so I could stop being an energy sponge. 
  • Optimize my energy instead of feeling drained each day.
  • Create a life and tribe that supported my sensitive nature.
  • Leave the "curse" of being an empath behind and embrace the sensitivity as a super power.
As I used these tools faithfully every day, people started asking me:
"How is it that you look so much younger than your age?"
"How do you manage to stay so calm and focused even when the world is falling apart around you?"
"How are you producing such steady focus with your business and life--where are you getting that level of mental and emotional clarity?"
I was so excited with the results that I made it my life long passion to become a Chinese energy medicine practitioner and teach others how to use these special techniques that helped me to totally resolve fibromyalgia--and I've been doing that for nearly 18 years now helping empathic women optimize their energy & health, gain mental and spiritual clarity and regulate their energies so that their sensitivities are no longer an energy drain but the wonderful blessings that God intended.
Even if you are a sensitive woman who feels like being exhausted and overwhelmed is just part of your journey and there's nothing you can do, these techniques can work for you because every empathic woman is capable of learning how to regulate her energy to free herself from the drain--and live a life of high vibration, calmness and joy.
 I look forward to working with you and helping you end the cycle of struggle.
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