Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing

Feeling Exhausted, Gutted and Devastated after Engaging a Narcissist?


The ONE Secret that No One is Telling You about Healing Narcissistic Abuse

If you are not healing the five critical energy tanks that narcissistic energy vampires decimate, then you'll continue to experience:

  • Physical illness.
  • An emotional roller coaster of intense feelings.
  • Exhausting brain fog that makes it almost impossible to get done in a day what is most important to you.
  • Soul wounds that keep you from living your dreams and accessing joy.
You can effortlessly heal those five critical energy tanks so that you can:

  • Reclaim your physical health.
  • Get control of your feelings.
  • Ignite your greatest body, mind and soul potential.


Imagine resting into the safety of a virtual sisterhood healing circle where you can easily

  • Reduce anxiety and emotional discombobulation quickly in the moment.
  • Feel consistently higher states of energy.
  • Resolve chronic health issues that are holding you back from enjoying life.
  • Feel seen, heard and understood by other women you GET your journey.

It's as easy as laying on your favorite lounger with a cup of custom herbal tea as waves of prayerful healing energy wash over you.

"Kay's resets  & custom herbs have made such a difference in my life helping me release narcissitic wounds that I didn't realize were impacting my physical and mental health. Even my new husband notices how much calmer I am--and I'm now able to set stronger boundaries with people who are energy drainers."  Diane Falcon

The Get Your Mojo Back mini herbal healing journey is for you especially if you are:

  • Tired of going from doctor to doctor or seeing counselors, but still feel like a discombobulated, zombie couch potato.
  • Living an over scheduled life that leaves you little time to heal.
  • Burnt out on the endless retreats and "inner work" experiences that have done little to liberate you from the damage that keeps you feeling unworthy to heal.

 Scroll down to discover how you can affordably access the journey and start feeling better in as little as 90 minutes.

Get Your Mojo Back in 90 Minutes

You deserve to be liberated from the devastating and lingering effects of narcissistic abuse.

But I realize that you might feel challenged to invest into a deeply transformative journey at $4997 and enjoy the year-long experience of five 8-week long deep healing sessions.

My original thought was to create a payment plan of $416/month for 12 months—something I’ve never offered before.

Truly a gift to heal that pervasive exhaustion and emotional roller coaster of intense feelings.

But then I thought “wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get the tools that you need without breaking the bank?”

You could pay $416 in 24 payments of $208?  Would that help?

Maybe not enough. You might feel it daunting to pay for something that long.

So I thought, “What about one payment of $208 (with option for 4 payments of $52) and create  a mini Get Your Mojo Back herbal journey just for you? 

This gives you the power to begin healing the five critical energy tanks that get devastated when we engage narcissists with a powerful blend of:

* Hands-on herbal healing (I send you the herb kits that are calibrated especially to optimize healing if you’re in the United States–otherwise you work with the frequency of the herbs via distance healing).

* Qi Gong Energy Healing

* Prayer & Affirmations

This isn't just another herbal or energy healing workshop—it's your pathway to clarity about why the physical and emotional damage that you’ve experienced continues to linger—and how you can finally solve that energetically.

If you are like my clients and want to:

  • Get off the roller coaster of intense feelings.
  • Get clarity and guidance on how to refuel your five energy tanks that are CRITICAL for vibrant health and emotional stability.
  • Effortlessly engage the radical rest of Christian, God-focused healings.
  • Reset your health and feelings in minutes a day.
  • Feel the warm support of a sisterhood circle that wraps around you virtually like a warm weighted blanket.

That’s the direction we’ll go together.

We’ll meet live in Zoom for 90 minutes of power packed herbal healings on Saturday July 13th at noon CST. Even if you can't make the live session, you will have the full recording of the session to revisit as often as you wish and directly access to ask me questions and get guidance.

So you’re not out there alone.

 Before you fully make up your mind let me add in this nugget: This $208 also becomes a CREDIT for the full GET YOUR MOJO BACK journey anytime in the future. It's my way of respecting your timeline and commitment to grow in the future. Whenever you are ready.

Interested?  Let's make this happen! 

Enroll Today and Start Feeling Better