Qi Gong Tools for Empathic Women Healing from Narcissists

How I Healed Wounds from a Narcissist with Medical Qi Gong

Are you an empathic woman who has been in a relationship with a narcissist and had your abundant, lush forest burnt to the ground, leaving behind scorched earth and utter emptiness?

I am Kay Hutchinson, a medical qi gong healer for over 20 years, who knows that journey well.

I built a successful holistic practice to help exhausted and anxious empathic women restore their mojo with natural mindfulness tools.

Yet, just as my practice at Aiki Healing began to flourish in 2013, I met a narcissistic partner that nearly destroyed my practice and life.

As a once a vibrant artist who painted richly colored abstracts, I found myself unable to produce anything but gray scale drawings as life with a narcissist gradually robbed my soul of the color and joy of connecting to God and life. 

 I was that empty.

Gradually, all the physical pain of fibromyalgia, anxiety and overwhelm that I  had eliminated from my life began to creep back, leaving me with immunity issues, shingles, and deep exhaustion.

Scroll down to discover how I restored my health, peace and youthfulness by liberating myself from narcissistic abuse.

All The Tools to Liberate Yourself from Narcissistic Abuse

For 20 years, I've helped empathic women reconnect with their magic with quick qi gong resets, but little did I know that these gentle, mindfulness resets would play a vital role in restoring my own soul and health.

As God guided me to leave the relationship with a narcissistic spouse and embrace soul healing, I literally began to paint with vibrant colors again.

Health, clarity and youthfulness returned.

My practice began to flourish in new ways to help other women empaths who served in clergy and in other community leadership with God-focused new tools such as:

  • The book: “Five Elements Healing: A Practical Guide for Reclaiming Your Essential Power” launched during the pandemic to help empaths navigate a changing world.
  • A 12 week God-Focused Healing Journey, “Get Your Mojo Back” (now in its fifth iteration of cohorts) for women empaths suffering from exhaustion and narcissistic injuries.
  • Soul Essence Sisterhood Healing Circle (an elite membership for highly conscious women).

I am grateful that God mercifully planted seeds in that rich soil of scorched earth to heal me profoundly and grow a new forest, a sisterhood of women who are using these qi gong mindfulness tools to bring color, vibrancy and the frequency of God’s healing light into every aspect of their lives.

Start healing today. Click HERE to listen to the anxiety reset that is helping empathic women across the world heal from narcissistic abuse by taking the first step to gain clarity and soothe their wounded souls.