Transform the exhaustion, anxiety and soul-gutting damage of narcissistic abuse effortlessly.


Registration for the July 13th at Noon event ends by June 27th so be sure to grab your spot today, as there are only 4 spaces left.

Restore your energy.

Get off the emotional roller coaster.

So you can ignite your greatest body, mind and soul potential.

You deserve to effortlessly heal the five energy tanks that narcissists destroy so that you can:

  • Reclaim your physical health.
  • Say goodbye to anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Realign your life with the potential that God wants for you.

This isn't just another herbal or energy healing workshop—it's your pathway to clarity about why the physical and emotional damage that you’ve experienced continues to linger—and how you can finally solve that energetically.

"Kay's resets  & custom herbs have made such a difference in my life helping me release narcissitic wounds that I didn't realize were impacting my physical and mental health."  Diane Falcon

How Does it Work?

We meet in Zoom July 13th at Noon CST for 90 minutes of healings and if you can't make the live, you can access the replay with full access to me to guide you so you're not out there alone.

To receive a kit of special Chinese herbs you must register by July 6th.

NO Risk Money Back Policy

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Your enrollment comes with a money back guarantee that if for any reason the experience does not resonate with you--you will receive a full refund, but the herb kit that you received is yours to keep as a gift from my heart to yours.

Easy-peasy healing with no risk.

Let's get started and help you thrive!

P.S. Your healing fee goes to support the Get Your Mojo Back Scholarship fund so as you heal--you also heal other women. 

QUESTIONS? Text me at 512-468-6588 or write me at [email protected]


What People Are Saying:

After years of struggling with chronic anemia and being on medications for ADD, I was finally able to have focus and get off the meds--and climb up stairs without losing my breath because finally, my blood count was higher.

Dr. T.

I never knew that my gut issues and struggle to have energy was the result of lingering energy from the abuse I suffered. I loved how Kay walked me through how to turn that around and continues to mentor me to stay healthy.

Ms. Megan C.

$208 limited offer to ignite and fast track your healing at the July 13th Noon Event (June 15th sold out)

Take your healing to the next level with custom audio healings that help you immediately:

Reduce anxiety and fears.

Clear brain fog.
Ignite Joy.

Clear Grief.

All in 5 minute bite sized chunks so that you can integrate this healing as you go through your day.

Let''s get your Mojo Back.