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How Narcissists Use Your Anxiety Against You & How To Stop Them Instantly

How Narcissists Use Your Anxiety Against You & How To Stop Them Instantly

Jul 25, 2023

 I am Kay Hutchinson with Aiki Healing, and here is the Get Your Mojo Back podcast: quick resets to help empathic women heal narcissistic abuse.  

In today's episode, you'll learn how narcissists use anxiety to emotionally manipulate us and how to stop them.  

Narcissists are energy vampires that love to keep you off center by creating a rollercoaster effect emotionally as they switch between their seemingly loving and charming sides and the sides of themselves that can be deliberately cruel and lacking in transparency. 

When you feel anxious as a woman empath, it's hard for you to remain connected to God's peace and clarity in that discombobulated state.  

It's easy for a narcissist to gaslight you and deny the toxic behaviors they put forth. And what's worse is that when you're anxious, you will tend to believe them.  

So, the next time you feel discombobulated around a narcissist, try this following gentle reset using the energy of a very special herb known as the natural Xanax called suan zao ren. 

Let's start with settling yourselves.  

Choose a posture that invites your body to gently untwine.  

Place your hands palm over palm facing inward at the center of your torso over your solar plexus.  

Begin to exhale through the nostrils, long, slow, and deep, releasing stress and tension and anxiety from your body and your spirit. 

Inhale through the nostril, drinking in God's peace, calm, and healing energy. Exhale through your nostrils, releasing that jittery nervousness or sense of overwhelm. 

Inhale. Drinking in the divinity of God's peace and healing.  

Feel that energy come inward.  

Last guided exhale, releasing and untwining the stress of your body, cell by cell.  

Continue breathing on your own, in your own fashion and rhythm as I begin to transmit to you the energy of suan zao ren.  

Imagine this beautiful plant that God has given to us, flowing frequency to you across space and time as a beautiful red warm energy that's flowing into the very center of your torso flowing inward into the very center of your core.  

And as this frequency of calmness that is aligned with God begins to come inward, your thoughts begin to slow.  

Your brain begins to calm and cell by cell.  

Your nervous system begins to return to that state of calmness aligned with God's protection and healing. 

Feel the scattered parts of yourself gently return home to your center.  

Imagine your feet connected to the earth as the energy begins to flow from your head to your chest, flowing all the way down your legs to your feet, anchoring you to the earth, settling and calming your energy further.  Place your hands on the lower abdomen further rooting this beautiful energy of suan zao ren herb that will continue to flow through you cell by cell long after you leave this reset. 

Before we gently leave each other. I want to remind you that you can reclaim God's peace anytime you feel anxious or overwhelmed after engaging someone that's narcissistic with a free three minute reset.

And if you're in clubhouse. click on the pinned link at the top of this room.  

Take that deeper breath and feel prepared and ready for your next moment. Relax. 

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