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10 Minute Qi Gong Grief Busters for Empathic Women

10 Minute Qi Gong Grief Busters for Empathic Women

Sep 14, 2022

if you're feeling especially tired, heavy and prone to tears these days, you're not alone.

The global grieving that is unfolding can influence us to feel our own emotions especially poignantly right now.

Listen to this 10 minute reset at the end of your day as you take a bath, shower or prepare for bed--or anytime you're drawn to use it.

Grief is not something we can just snap out of in a moment--nor should we try to do so.

It something that we can melt gently--where we create more moments of feeling less bereavement--and more moments of healing.

When you know that it is normal to take time and to also have set backs where feelings come back strongly, then you can embrace the process and feel less alone, isolated or as if there is something "wrong" with you just  because you feel so deeply.

Drop a note to [email protected] to let me know what was helpful in this healing reset and where you need more help.

I love hearing from you.

Love and hugs,


P.S. When you're ready, here are a few more ways to work with me to make your sensitivity your super power instead of it feeling like a curse.


(1) Get Your Mojo Back on this deep dive 12 week healing journey that is scripture-based and doesn't take any extra bandwidth. Lay back and listen to the healings, engage the quick 10 minute mindful movement and enjoy the bonus gift of weekly personal mentoring to restore your energy levels and. help you get control of your emotions--easily and quickly.  Want to learn more? Send me a reply with the word "MOJO."

(2) Struggling with chronic health issues, depression or anxiety? Book a mini consultation with me to get solutions that you can use right away to feel better.  Send me the reply "CONSULT" and I'll gift you a free email initial consult to see if we are a good fit to work with each other deeply.

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