Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing

Aiki Healing Blog: A Journey of God-FocusedĀ Healing Tools for Women Empaths Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse

Day 3: Let Go of the Past to Make Space for God's Blessings affirmations quick self care Jan 17, 2023
You simply cannot access God’s blessings when you focus on the failures in your past.
We spend a lot of time ruminating on the things that have not gone right in our lives instead of putting our energy into praising God and thanking him for the blessings that are already here and...
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Update on the FabOve40 & Affirmation affirmations Dec 01, 2022

Oh no!

Say it with me-- "I am powerful and beautiful in God's care."

Say it louder!!

One more time.

Update on the FabOver 40:

I've fallen from 5th place to 6th.

There are some very powerful women with large social networks ahead of me but in the end, we all win!

I am ever grateful for each one of...

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Empath Affirmation: Choose to Filter vs. Being Overwhelmed affirmations anxiety relief qi gong healing Mar 04, 2022

Remember that we always have a choice of what we allow inward and what we want to keep outside of our energy and heart centers. 

So often, I hear empaths say, "Kay, I feel so overwhelmed like I cannot control my emotions. Out of the blue, I'll just bust out crying."

The good news is that...

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