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Empath Affirmation: Choose to Filter vs. Being Overwhelmed

affirmations anxiety relief qi gong healing Mar 04, 2022

Remember that we always have a choice of what we allow inward and what we want to keep outside of our energy and heart centers. 

So often, I hear empaths say, "Kay, I feel so overwhelmed like I cannot control my emotions. Out of the blue, I'll just bust out crying."

The good news is that this doesn't have to be your reality when you realize that you already have a built-in filter--it's called the wei qi--the energy bubble that surrounds you.

When you learn how to bolster this layer of your energy, it gives you choice in what comes in so that you're not just absorbing the emotional energy of others and having it explode out in bursts when you least expect it. 

So, that's the first step--realizing that you have a tool that God already gave you to control and regulate what you take in as a sensitive radar.

Percolate and reflect on that layer of yourself. Begin noticing this outer layer of energy that surrounds you. 

Try this simple qi gong breath work regulation:

Exhale and consciously release from this layer any energy that is not serving you well.  Inhale a cleansing energy to purify and nourish this bubble. 

Now that you know you can filter what comes in--and that you can begin training yourself to do this by simple breathing--how do you feel?  Tell me in the comments or drop an email to [email protected] 

Light and joy to you all,


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