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Day 3: Let Go of the Past to Make Space for God's Blessings

affirmations quick self care Jan 17, 2023
You simply cannot access God’s blessings when you focus on the failures in your past.
We spend a lot of time ruminating on the things that have not gone right in our lives instead of putting our energy into praising God and thanking him for the blessings that are already here and that He has promised to magnify.
Anxiety comes from the trauma of having been disconnected God during an emotional, physical or spiritual attack so that we stay tethered to our past pain.
But you can let go of the past right now.
Visualize God’s healing life force flowing into the parts of you that were traumatized in the past and see His love connecting the self that existed then to His healing glory.
Keep returning to this reset whenever you find yourself ruminating on the past instead of celebrating the glory of God in the present moment.
What's one thing you'll let go of from the past before the year of the water rabbit arrives on 1/22?

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