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Update on the FabOve40 & Affirmation

affirmations Dec 01, 2022

Oh no!

Say it with me-- "I am powerful and beautiful in God's care."

Say it louder!!

One more time.

Update on the FabOver 40:

I've fallen from 5th place to 6th.

There are some very powerful women with large social networks ahead of me but in the end, we all win!

I am ever grateful for each one of you for your love and support. 

Keep up that voting--hope votes count twice until about 6 pm CST and all votes count one time until 9 pm CST.

Thank you for helping bring awareness to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and to the work I do at Aiki Healing for empathic women.

You all ROCK!!!!

Light, love and huggles,



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