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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
5 Minute Grounding to Break Free from Narcissistic Energy

5 Minute Grounding to Break Free from Narcissistic Energy

Jul 26, 2023

Welcome everybody. This is Kay Hutchinson with Aiki Healing, and you are in the podcast of Get Your Mojo Back: Quick Resets to Help Empathic Women Heal Narcissistic Abuse.

In this healing, you'll learn how to quickly center yourself with the energy and power herb called mu xiang.

Narcissists count on us feeling scattered and discombobulated so we won't notice that they may be:

  • Gaslighting us.
  • Pulling energy from us.
  • Dishonoring our needs.
  • Being unkind.

But we don't have to be at the mercy of narcissists. Let's kick back and take 5 minutes to reclaim our centeredness.

Find a posture that gently allows your body to untwine.

As you settle into that posture, bring your hands to the very center of your torso. Right over the solar plexus.

Just take a moment to notice the weight of your hands resting as we begin a long, deep exhalation, consciously releasing tension, tightness, and exhaustion from your breath.

Inhale through your nostrils, guiding the life force oxygen deep into the center of your being.

Exhale, pull your belly towards your spine using your intent to release anxiety and scatteredness.

Inhale gently allowing the oxygen to flow inward, calming the brain.

Exhale long, slow, and deeply. Feel the stress melting.

Continue breathing in your own way and style.

As you begin to get a sense of how much your energy has become scattered, consciously call this energy back to your very core, knowing that when you are centered and grounded the natural shielding that protects you from the toxic energy of narcissists becomes stronger.

So, as you breathe and visualize your energies flowing into your core, tap into your highest healing power.

Feel the peaceful grounding energy of God flowing into your center.

As I begin to transmit to you the healing grounding energy of an earthy herb called mu xiang, breathe as waves and waves of this special herb begin to resonate.

Calming your stomach.

Relaxing your solar plexus.

Breathe as the energy of this herb gently flows inward, rooting and anchoring you gently as you call back all pieces of yourself and all thoughts that have become scattered.

Feel yourself consolidating, moving to your center. As you imagine the energy of this herb flowing along your legs to your feet,

This downward flowing herb helps you to root yourself to the centeredness of the earth. Breathe.

As you imagine that gentle anchoring unfolding, breath by breath, the energy is calming, rooting, centering as the very core of your being is infused with this calm downward energy.

All from the beautiful plant of mu xiang, which God has gifted to us.

Breathe deeply.

Placing your hands palm over palm on the lower belly.

And as we come into our final moments together today, take that deeper breath and remember that you can reclaim the peacefulness of God anytime you feel overwhelmed or anxious after engaging narcissists with the free three minute reset that's available on my website.

Now take that deeper breath. Continue to allow the vibration of this powerful herb mu xiang to settle within yourself and feel prepared and ready for your next moments. Relax.


If you enjoyed this herbal healing and want to find out more about how to join our Get Your Mojo Back herbal healing journey where you can meditate with real raw herbs, send the word HERBS to [email protected]

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