Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing
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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
5 Minute Reset to Heal Empathic Exhaustion

5 Minute Reset to Heal Empathic Exhaustion

audio healing guided meditation herbal healing qi gong healing Jul 31, 2023

Welcome to Get your Mojo back. Quick resets to help empathic women heal narcissistic abuse. I'm Kay Hutchinson of Aiki Healing. In today's healing, we're going to help you to overcome that sense of exhaustion, that sense of being emptied out and drained after engaging someone who may be narcissistic. So, kick back and relax and choose a posture that allows your body to gently untwine as we go into a guided breath work. 

Place your hands palm over palm facing inward on the lower belly, and let your tongue come up to the hard palate, the roof of your mouth slightly backwards towards your throat. This is the water element position and it will allow you to drink in deeper levels of oxygen and energy. Let's begin with a long exhalation through the nostrils with your mouth closed. 

Feel as you consciously release tension and tightness from the lower belly and lower back. 

Inhale, God's life force oxygen, guiding the oxygen deep into the lower back. Exhale long, deep and slow through your nostrils, releasing tensions, stress and fears. 

Inhale feeling God's life force, oxygen and an increasing sense of courage. Exhale releasing tension, tightness, and weariness from your lower back and continue breathing in your own way and rhythm as you visualize a beautiful blue energy coming inward to the lower belly flowing atom by atom and cell by cell into the kidneys in the lower back.  

As this blue energy comes inward, imagine the gentle energy of the herb fleece flower root as a vital life force coming in to slowly replenish your energy flowing into those areas. 

Breathe, flowing into those areas that are simply emptied out, creating a beautiful flow of replenishment. 

Continue to bring your awareness to the weight of your hands right below the belly button. Feel the gentleness as blue waves of energy infused with the frequency of fleece flower root flowing into the low back, and sacrum --flowing into the kidneys and the adrenals gently replenishing you in a calming, settling way, and as we come into these final moments together, don't forget that you can reclaim God's peace anytime you feel weary and exhausted after engaging a narcissist with the free three minute website reset, or click on the pinned link at the top of this room. Take that deep breath and feel prepared and ready for your next moments. 


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