Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing
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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
5 Minute Reset to Instantly Calm Anxiety after Engaging a Narcissist

5 Minute Reset to Instantly Calm Anxiety after Engaging a Narcissist

audio healing guided meditation qi gong healing quick self care Jul 25, 2023

Enjoy this transcript of the podcast.

Welcome everybody.

This is Kay Hutchinson with Aiki Healing for the Get Your Mojo Back. Quick resets to help heal narcissistic abuse. So sit back and relax. Allow yourself to just gently find a posture that allows your body to gently untwine.

As you come in and settle, just get a sense of where your body is in this moment.

Just allow yourself to start settling. You may wish to sit off the edge of your chair. You may wish to lay down. But begin the centering process by placing your hands palm over palm on the lower belly, and as your hands rest on the lower belly, let's begin to get a sense of how your nervous system is flowing.

One of the key signs that we've been imprisoned or impacted by a narcissist is that we constantly feel on edge. We feel anxious, and we feel jittery often for no reason. So we're gonna work a little bit with that sense of anxiety or overwhelm that we can feel. Continue settling into your bodies, hands resting on that lower belly as we begin the long guided breath work, exhaling through the nostrils, long and slow, releasing that sense of jitteriness, nervousness and anxiety through your breath.

Inhale deeply through the nostrils into the lower belly. Feel the calmness flowing inward.

Exhale through the nostrils. Consciously releasing that sense of nervousness, that wired sense, that can keep us up at night, but that can also exhaust us. Release it through your breath. Inhale through the nostrils, drinking in God's life force oxygen. Feel it flow inward, reclaiming the peacefulness of God's love.

Exhale, long, slow, and deep untwining that tight nervous sensation from your body, from your spirit, just letting the edginess flow out of you.

Inhale, slow and easy. Drawing in life force oxygen. As you draw your awareness to your hands, resting on the lower belly anchoring, you gently continue breathing in your own way and style. Staying connected to the sensations of your hands, resting on the lower belly.

Breathe as your nervous system gently takes in the deeper understanding that you are safe, protected, and shielded in this moment. Breathe just letting every single cell drink in that sense of safety, of protection and shielding.

As you continue to breathe, feel the gentle weight of your hands, settling you deeply,

And bring your awareness to your system. Your nervous system that is now calming, slowing down, settling.

And as it settles, invite the energy to simply flow from your head to your chest, from your chest, to your solar plexus...from your solar plexus dropping deep into the lower belly to anchor and root yourself gently and softly.

Beautiful. And as we come into our final few moments together, Be sure to check out the link at the top of the room for a free three minute anxiety reset that you can experience any time you feel discombobulated after engaging someone that's narcissistic. And just remember to celebrate the beauty of your sensitive self.

Take that deeper breath

And invite yourself to feel ready and prepared for your next moment, relax.

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