Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing
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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
5 Minute Spiritual & Emotional Nourishment that Heals Narcissistic Abuse

5 Minute Spiritual & Emotional Nourishment that Heals Narcissistic Abuse

audio healing guided meditation herbal healing qi gong healing Jul 27, 2023

You Don't Have to Feel Spiritually & Emotionally Malnourished as an Empathic Women

Welcome everybody.

Welcome to Get Your Mojo Back: Quick Resest to Help Empathic Women Heal Narcissistic Abuse.

I'm Kay Hutchinson of Aiki Healing.

In today's healing, we're going to gently work on a five minute reset that will help you to begin nourishing yourselves. So sit back, get comfortable.

Let your body find a posture that allows you to gently untwine.

As you begin settling, come into the understanding that narcissists do not know how to nourish you in a healthy way because they're empty inside, emotionally and spiritually.

So, what happens over time is that your need for acknowledgement, for love, for fair exchange of energy –your needs to be seen and celebrated, becomes unfulfilled.

The longer you engage the narcissist, the more you feel emotionally and spiritually malnourished.

So, as you find a posture, let's do a quick reset to fill you back up with the nourishment that comes from your highest healing power, God.

Let’s begin with a guided breath work. Exhaling the exhaustion, weariness and stress.

Breathe it outward, letting it go.

Inhale through your nostrils, guiding life force oxygen inward.

Slowly, consciously,  exhale longer, slow and deep, releasing that sense of emptiness that comes when we engage narcissists.

Breathe it out.

Inhale feeling the nourishment of God's love, acceptance, flowing inward, relaxing, fully, breathe. 

As you breathe, continue in your own way and rhythm.

Let your hands rest, palms facing inward over your solar plexus as we begin to gently activate the special acupressure point right at the solar plexus, the middle of your body as your hands gently rest there.

Imagine the beautiful energy, gold and warm and earthy of the precious herb called mu xiang, flowing inward to this area of your body.

The natural, soothing energy of this herb begins to feel your spleen and stomach cell by cell with the living energy of your highest healing power.

Feel the nourishment of God's golden energy flowing inward, flowing to those spaces inside of yourself that need attention and love and nourishment.

Breathe as the energy of this beautiful root called mu xiang continues to flow inward, relaxing fully your stomach and spleen.

Breathe gently. And as you breathe, feel the gentle grounding qualityof this herb. Its frequency reflecting the centering qualities of God.

Gently allow your hands to flow and rest on the lower belly right below your belly button.

And as your hand rests, feel the gentle settling of this precious herb mu xiang and take that deeper breath as we come into our final moments together.

Settling and remembering, that you can reclaim God's peace anytime you feel anxious or overwhelmed after engaging a narcissist with the free three minute reset, that is on my website,

Or if you're live in clubhouse, click on the pinned link at the top of the room.

Take that deeper breath and even after we leave each other, continue to settle and allow this frequency of the herb mu xiang to vibrate through you cell by cell gently nourishing you in the hours to come .

Breathe and feel prepared and ready for your next activities. Relax.

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