Qi Gong Healing for Exhausted & Overwhelmed Empathic Women who Desperately Want to Reconnect with the Calmness of God and Restore their Mojo
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Qi Gong Healing for Exhausted Women Empaths
5 Minute Qi Gong Reset: Stop Energy Drains from Narcissists Immediately

5 Minute Qi Gong Reset: Stop Energy Drains from Narcissists Immediately

audio healing guided meditation qi gong healing quick self care Nov 29, 2022

I need your votes to help me to help more empathic women struggling with that sense that being sensitive is a curse at times.  I need to move from 5th place to first place by Thursday at 9 pm CST to make it to the semi finals to compete for the funds to create more scholarships for you all to come into the healing journeys to learn how to regulate your emotions so your health can soar with vibrancy AND you can make your sensitivity your greatest super power.

Vote here:


It's free to vote daily and Hope Votes support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Forward this to a friend with a note asking them to vote.

I know it's been a marathon with this FabOver40 but we are in the final weeks together--and you keep pushing me on to the next round so beautifully.  

Let's do this--let's get the funding to create more healing for empathic women and put a stop to the drain of being sensitive.

Now on to the Reset

Holidays can increase our social interactions with people who drain us as empaths.

But, that doesn't have to be your reality.

Listen to the free 5 minute reset above and get your mojo back quickly.

Let me know how you experienced this reset with a quick note to [email protected]

Light, love and deepest gratitude.

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