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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
5 Minutes to Clear Brain Fog Easily & Restore Clarity & Higher Energy

5 Minutes to Clear Brain Fog Easily & Restore Clarity & Higher Energy

May 15, 2022

You push through your busy week and that feeling of being pulled in many directions and end the week feeling like, "My brain is so fried, I can barely think."

AND you feel heavy and exhausted as if you are in a gray fog. 

Sound familiar?

You don't have to stay in those exhausted states. Try this 5 minute brain fog healing and feel more clear and energized immediately. 

As always, let me know how you experienced this reset---and don't forget this.

You are your greatest treasure. Commit to taking 5 minutes as you move through your day to replenish yourself. 

When you find yourself challenged to take even 5 minutes for you, reach out to me and I'll help you get back on track quickly.  Just send me a text with HELP or an email to [email protected] or 512-468-6588. 

I got you...and we got this!

Hugs and bright love,



Want a quick way to restore your energy with the magic of herbs that's as easy as putting on your ear buds and laying down with the herbs on your body? 

On June 4th, I'm starting another cohort of "Get Your Mojo Back: Herbal Healing Sessions" where I send you a kit of 9 packets of herbs that you place on your body as you rest to feel gentle shifts and healing effortlessly.

You'll learn how to revive yourself deeply and heal common stress disorders like acid reflux, anxiety, low energy, and insomnia as you listen to the guided 15 minutes healings. 

Also, I'll teach you a quick 5 minute brew method to make a delicious tasting herb tea to partake of in a healing tea affirmation practice.

Moriah Polanco of Austin Energy Spa shared, "It was magical. I could actually feel gentle shifts in my energy from laying with the herbs--and I love the tea affirmation practice. Kay! This is so much fun!"

Last, you'll learn how to make a custom tincture just for your unique body--with a method that takes hours instead of weeks and that saves you over 80% of the cost of retail tinctures.

PLUS--you will get the gift of private mentoring as you go along in this journey that is pressure-free yet designed to give you deep insights to enhance your healing and growth.

There's no other herbal experience like this out there--where you get to self care deeply as you learn about the magic of 9 special Tang dynasty herbs--EFFORTLESSLY and without pressure.

Even if your life is crazy busy and you feel over scheduled, this experience is for you because you need to revive yourself some way--or you will end up crashing and falling into the dip of deep anxiety, exhaustion or depression. 

Give yourself the gift of this deep, nourishing self care...and empower yourself with the ancient tool of herbal medicine, this summer. 

Send the word HERBS to me at [email protected]  and I'm happy to send you more information on how to register and get your 9 herb kit, so you can join the fun and relaxation on June 4th.


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