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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
5 Minutes to Unhook Narcissistic Energy

5 Minutes to Unhook Narcissistic Energy

Aug 01, 2023

Welcome to get your Mojo back. Quick resets to help empathic women heal narcissistic abuse. I'm Kay Hutchinson of Aiki Healing. In today's healing, we're going to flow into the water element and really look carefully at where we may be holding the energy of narcissists.  

We're going to sink into the marrow of our bones and look for those jing or deep essence level hooks and work to release them today. 

So invite your body to come into a posture that feels comfortable and gently encourages your body to untwine. As you settle, let's allow your hands to rest palm over palm in the lower belly. Over the lower dantien or the lower chakras. Let's begin with a long exhalation through the nostrils, pulling the belly towards the spine, releasing tension, tightness. 

Breathe outward word. Inhale through your nostrils, drinking in God's life force oxygen and flowing deep into the lower back and kidneys revitalizing you. Exhale long, slow, and deeply just letting the exhaustion leave your body. 

Last guided breath inward. Breathe, feeling God's life force oxygen come in. 

Continue breathing in your own way and rhythm as I begin to gently transmit the energy of an herb called fleece flower root, which is now flowing on an essence level deep into the marrow of your bones. And as this beautiful frequency of energy flows into the dna level, flows into the essence level, feel its healing qualities, beginning to unhook any energies, any thoughts, any feelings that do not benefit you in this moment. 

Leave behind any sensations of fears, guilt. Leave behind any sensations of resentfulness or sorrow. The energy of the fleece flower root is coming inward, bringing to you courage, revitalization, and connecting your deepest, highest healing power. Feel as this energy comes inward, 

Invite it to flow within the very essence of your bones and of your soul, and, and as this healing and higher frequency of energy comes inward, you are releasing the hooks that may have come from anyone that is narcissistic, anyone that is an energy vampire. Anyone that has sought to emotionally or physically or spiritually manipulate you. 

Feel those cords and hooks dissolving as the final waves of this beautiful herb called fleece flower root comes inward. 

Breathe, inviting the energy to anchor fully in your lower belly or lower dan tien. 

And as we come into our final moments together, don't forget that you can reclaim God's peace anytime you feel exhausted after engaging a narcissist. Just message me the word reset and I'm happy to send you the access link to a free three minute reset. Now take that deeper breath and feel ready and prepared for your next moment. Relax. 

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