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Reduce Anxiety & Fatigue with the Natural "Xanax"

Reduce Anxiety & Fatigue with the Natural "Xanax"

anxiety relief audio healing herbal healing qi gong healing Jul 04, 2022

Happy Fourth of July!

Drink in the abundance of celebrating with friends and family but remember, as a sensitive empath, you may need to take breaks to avoid the overwhelm of experiencing people, sounds and all the sights that comes with this holiday.

Take 7 minutes to watch this video to revive yourself--whether in between the festivities or at the end of the day right before bedtime.

As always, let me know how this resonated for you--and where you might need further help.

LIght, love and independence day smiles,


P.S. Pets are empaths and easily overwhelmed by all the smells of barbecue pits roaring and fireworks blasting away. Consider bringing them indoors and putting on 888hz music to mask the hubbub.  It will quell their nervous systems and allow them to enjoy the evening without feeling terrified or anxious.  

Need help with herbal remedies for your pets? Don't forget that I am also a master herbalists, one of the few in the country, that specializes in pet healing.  Text me the word PETS if you would like to schedule a time to explore how herbal medicine can help your four legged family members.

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