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8 Minutes to Relieve the Overwhelming Intensity of Grief with Qi Gong

8 Minutes to Relieve the Overwhelming Intensity of Grief with Qi Gong

guided meditation qi gong healing quick self care Sep 10, 2022

As empaths, we feel the intensity of world events so profoundly.  One of you asked me this week how to deal with the intensity of sensing the immense grief that people are feeling all over the world about the passing of Queen Elizabeth and the shifts that often happen geopolitically and spiritually when such an event occurs.

This gentle healing directly gives you the tools to regulate the waves of overwhelm that can happen when global grief unfolds.

Try it and let me know at [email protected] how you experienced this healing. What was useful? Where do you need more help? Reach out and let me know as you go through the hours that unfold.

Surrounding you all with golden light and soul hugs,



P.S. When you're ready for to relieve the overwhelm more deeply, here's a few ways you can work with me as an empath:

(1) Get your day started with high energy. Join me for the free Clubhouse broadcasts 8:45/50ish AM CST Tuesdays-Fridays with replays available on the profile page of my Clubhouse. 

(2) Engage in stress-free deep self care with the 4 week herbal healing journey where you meditate with packets of herbs on power points and learn how to make simple teas and tinctures that can dramatically change your level of overwhelm effortlessly.  Reply with the word HERB for more info.


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