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Aiki Healing and Moore 4 Sisters Ministries Join Forces with a Ground-Breaking Holistic Healing Scholarship program to Help Black Women Heal the Devastating Damage of Narcissistic Abuse in Faith-Based Communities

Feb 09, 2024

Manor, TX — [Feb. 9, 2024] — In an unprecedented collaboration, Moore 4 Sisters Ministries, a faith-based 501(c)(3) ministry, and Aiki Healing, the only Black -woman-owned practice of medical qi gong focusing on healing narcissistic abuse, have combined forces to create the Get Your Mojo Back Scholarship fund. This transformative, God-focused holistic healing program with mindfulness tools of qi gong and herbal medicine empowers Black women clergy and community leaders who have suffered the debilitating current and ancestral effects of narcissistic abuse to heal the unique physical damage, emotional and spiritual damage that often gets exacerbated by existing health disparities in the Black community.

Bridging Health Disparities with Whole Health Healing

Aiki Healing’s "Get Your Mojo Back" year-long holistic journey is designed to provide an ongoing safe and supportive space for women like Donna*, who was experiencing near stage 5 kidney failure as a result of the years of relentless chronic stress that she endured in a narcissistically abusive relationship combined with doctors prescribing her medications that damaged her kidneys further.  She was looking at the possibility of living the rest of her life on dialysis or facing a kidney transplant at the age 63.

Yet, Donna was able to reverse kidney damage within 90 days of being in the Get Your Mojo Back program, so that she can live her life without having to undertake dialysis. 

Participants receive customized energy medicine and herbal interventions, consults with masters nutritionist  Dr. Scott Jurica,  along with daily reset tools to regulate emotions, dietary guidance, and mindful movement instruction in a supportive sisterhood healing circle as well as one-on-one guidance.

To make this transformative healing journey accessible to more women like Donna, Moore 4 Sisters Ministries and Aiki Healing launched the scholarship fund because it costs $5000 or more per year, per woman to deliver this type of personalized holistic health mentoring that includes instilling skills to become better advocates for themselves when engaging physicians and traditional medical care. This scholarship initiative aims to break down financial barriers, ensuring that those who have endured narcissistic abuse can embark on a healing journey tailored to their specific needs.

The scholarship program was first launched in 2023 with the support of the prestigious Hogg Foundation (through a grant obtained by Moore 4 Sisters Ministries) which underscores the significance of this collaboration in bridging faith-based and holistic approaches to healing.


"Our collaboration with Aiki Healing is a groundbreaking step towards holistic healing within our faith-based community. 'Get Your Mojo Back' is a beacon of hope for those who have suffered silently, providing a transformative path to healing," said minister Sonya Hosey, founder of Moore 4 Sisters Ministries.

"Aiki Healing is honored to stand alongside Moore 4 Sisters Ministries in this groundbreaking collaboration. Our holistic approach to healing, rooted in cultural understanding, will help Black women reclaim their strength and vitality," said Kay Hutchinson, CEO and Founder of Aiki Healing.

About Aiki Healing:

Aiki Healing, founded in 2004, is the only Black, woman-owned practice of medical qi gong that focuses exclusively on healing narcissistic abuse with holistic healing modalities that integrate traditional Chinese medicine, qi gong resets, and herbal medicine to promote well-being across physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

About Moore 4 Sisters Ministries:

Moore 4 Sisters Ministries, founded by minister Sonya Hosey is a faith-based 501(c)(3) organization committed to empowering Black women to greater wellness and health with spiritual guidance, community support, and educational initiatives through their She Speaks Wellness programs.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Kay Hutchinson | [email protected] | 512-468-6588 or

Sonya Hosey |[email protected] | 512-663-1900

Note: Donna’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

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