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Amp Up Your Vibes

anxiety relief qi gong healing quick self care Mar 14, 2022
Everyday, it's important to do a little bit of energetic work on yourselves to cultivate that higher vibration spiritually and emotionally AND feel that vibration ripple through your cells to transform health.
Click here for a  simple practice to help you amp up your vibes:
Whether you are living with a chronic health challenge or simply falling into exhausted and dips in energy, your body reflects that immense amount of work that your nervous system takes on each day with sensing the immense amount of spiritual information downloading from the cosmos--and the immense amount of emotional frequencies from all the other humans on this planet.
Learning how to regulate all of this so that it doesn't overwhelm you or lead you into scattered directions where parts of you are disconnected from the flow of God takes time...and that's okay because you have a lifetime to refine the flow.
So be easy on yourselves--love on your yourselves--celebrate yourselves for you are crafting a treasure that is like no other--YOU.

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