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3 Day Challenge to Help you Easily Recover from Narcissistic Abuse

quick self care May 14, 2023

Feeling utterly exhausted and drained?

Whether you are in a current relationship with a narcissist or healing wounds from a past encounter with a narcissist, you can feel overwhelmed by deep wounds.

Narcissists erode the very fabric of your soul in ways so subtle that your mind doesn't even register the extent of the damage.

How do you begin to heal something that you can barely understand?

Self care is the foundation for recovering from narcissistic abuse. 

Let's start there with this gentle three day challenge.

Click on the play button to view  three critical healing strategies  or read about them below.

Relax Your Nervous System (Water Element)

Take a long bath or shower with beautiful scented soap.

Imagine the water releasing your pain and angst.

Hydrate with lemon water while bathing or showering.

Reconnect to God (Fire Element)

Light a scented candle (the scents of lavender, vanilla and vetiver are especially soothing to the heart) and take 5 minutes to connect to the word of God.  

Reconnecting to God helps you to remember that you are worthy of deep care and love. Narcissists want you to forget how incredibly special you are. 

They want you spinning in pain and anxiety so that your ability to connect with God and refuel your soul is disrupted.

So, restore that connection with this simple five minute practice.

Use Your Breath (Metal Element)

Narcissists gradually erode your protective shielding and immunity.

Restore both by using the power of breath.

Get your timer out and set it to 3 minutes.

Inhale deeply for a count of 6.

Exhale sorrow, pain, angst, fear or anger for a long count of 8.

Keep breathing with this focus for 3 full minutes.

Recovering from narcissistic abuse takes time, gentleness and consistent use of simple self care tools. We have to take bite-sized steps or it becomes too much.


Light and love,



Imagine simply laying down with packets of herbs that immediately relax you and help you return to God's peace and healing--effortlessly.

Imagine improving all those pesky health challenges that are holding you back from feeling vibrant and energized--easily.

Imagine effortlessly returning to the self you were before the narcissists in your life damaged you. 

I'm taking a small group of women on an intimate, virtual healing journey where we will restore ourselves deeply in a way that takes zero effort.

Send the word HERBS to [email protected] if you are ready for this easy way of healing and recovering your health, soul and energy.

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