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Bite-Sized Tips To Create More Energy, Less Drain in 15 minutes

qi gong healing quick self care Sep 05, 2022

Happy Labor Day Everyone.

Do you ever feel like sometimes the people closest to us are creating a drain and pull on your energy?

That sense can increase during holiday times when we spend more time with those in our intimate circle.

These tips will help you revive and reclaim your mojo.

(1) Click on the video to try this 15 minute revival and learn how to create more effective shielding from the chaos of those near you--and how to cleanse and release that discombobulated and drained feeling after being around people who are close to you.

(2) Use the power of water to release energies.   Shower or bathe with the intention of releasing disturbing or draining energy.

(3) Try exhaling long and deep for 8 seconds with the intention of releasing the energy of others. Inhale for a count of 6 with the intention of drinking in healing and calming energy.

Let me know if these tips helped you--and where you need further help. Drop a line to [email protected]

Enjoy the holiday and revive.

Love and spirit hugs,



P.S. It's not too late to  get into the September Four Week Herbal Healing journey.  Reply to [email protected] with the word HERBS and I'm happy to send you more information so that you too can start dialing down the overwhelm in a way that doesn't take any extra time for your schedule.



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