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5 Minutes to Get Focused & Stay the Course on God's Path

anxiety relief audio healing guided meditation quick self care Apr 10, 2022

We've all been there. We try new methods for self care and realigning with God, then life happens.

We get overwhelmed. Anxiety increases. We get exhausted and weary as sensitive women.

It all feels like too much.

Then, we drop out of our self care routines and feel even more disconnected, stressed and out of alignment with the peace of God.

Try this quick 5 minute reset from the "Get Your Mojo Back" 8 week healing journey that draws from the power of Psalm 119.

Ignite a new level of commitment to staying in the zone of God's calm centeredness. 

Drop me a note at [email protected] to let me know how you experienced this reset and share where you are feeling stressed or challenged in your life--as I love helping you develop quick ways to get back on track with tools customized to your unique situations in life. 

It's part of the gift that you get by being a blog follower

Oh--don't forget to forward this post link to a friend who needs this calming message and tool.

Love and spring time hugs,


P.S. Ladies of our Get Your Mojo Back cohort--the replay is up in your healing journey with a special healing recipe that is quick to prepare and designed to restore your energy levels right away.

Also the herbal healing journey is restarting. A delicious way to reclaim God's peace anytime you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by narcissistic attacks.

Not in our cohort? 

Send an email to [email protected] with the word HERBS and I'll send you info on how you can join us for the next herbal healing journey.

Easy-peasy healing that doesn't take extra bandwidth and gives back your energy, calmness and power.


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