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Day 1: Empaths: Eliminate the Noise of Clutter to Draw Closer to God

anxiety relief Jan 15, 2023

Real talk for Empaths. Deepen your relationship with God as the year of the rabbit approaches. 

Join me for eight days of tips that will help you to root and anchor yourself to the peace and abundance of God as an empath. 

Tip 1 declutter your space —especially eastern regions of your home or office. 

Set a time for 10 minutes each day and declutter as much as you can. 

When you declutter you not only empower your mind to settle but you also connect with God to feel his glory and power moving through your home and life!

This is so very important for empathic and sensitive people because when we are overwhelmed by too much clutter, we began to disconnect with the peace of God. 

Anxiety increases and overwhelm. 

What room will  you declutter today?

Tell me below.  Save and share this blog post with an empathic friend who needs greater peace and connection to God. 

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