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Day 5: Relieve Stress & Connect to God Quickly by Engaging Animals

quick self care Jan 19, 2023

God provides us with so many ways to reconnect to Him. 

Take a moment to touch a pet what is shelter animal with full presents an alignment with God’s energy. 

Be intentional with your touch focusing on calming and soothing yourself and the animal. 

When you finish give praise and gratitude for providing you these beautiful loving angels in the form of our beloved pets and in the animals that are at shelters. 

Set your calendar to include at intentional animal touch time everyday for at least 10 minutes. 

Don’t have a pet? Visit a friend who knows or donate touch time at a shelter. 

Or view this video of a baby elephant discovering the ocean for the first time.

Best stress relief and so simple! 

Share this with a friend who needs to reconnect to God through the love of animals. 


The year of the rabbit is particularly aligned with the healing effects of animals. Water rabbit qualities are about healing deeply and gently--traits that animals embody so deeply.  

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