Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing
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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
5 Minutes to Recharge Spiritual Exhaustion Caused by Narcissists.

5 Minutes to Recharge Spiritual Exhaustion Caused by Narcissists.

audio healing guided meditation herbal healing Aug 03, 2023

God-Focused Energy Healing for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Our spirits get so weary when we encounter energy vampires that are narcissists. It can disconnect us from God and our spiritual purpose. Take 5 minutes to recharge yourself spiritually and break free from narcissistic wounds.

Welcome to Get Your Mojo Back: Quick resets to help empathic women heal narcissistic abuse. I'm Kay Hutchinson of Aiki Healing. In today's healing, we're going to work with the deep spiritual parts of ourselves as we look at the exhausting nature of being in relationships with people that may be energy vampires who may be narcissists. 

So kick back and relax and choose a posture that allows your body to gently unwin as you begin to settle.  

Let's place our hands on the lower belly, and if you're flexible and comfortable, you may want to put one hand on the lower back. And let the other hand rest on the lower belly.  

As you settle, get a sense of the energy that's flowing through the lower chakras and the lower dantien. 

Exhale long and slow by pulling your belly towards your spine, releasing the energy that is held deep within your kidneys. 

Inhale drawing in the life force essence deep into your kidneys and adrenals, creating a revitalizing flow.  

Exhale, simply releasing the stress, the tension, the variety of feelings that come up when we're engaged with energy vampires. 

Continue breathing in your own way and rhythm, drawing full awareness to the lower belly or dantien.  

As you flow the energy inward, connect in strongly with your highest healing power God. 

Feel the frequency of the highest vibration spiritually flowing inward deep into the core levels of your energy and soul. 

And as you breathe inward. The beautiful deep root of fleece flower herb is also flowing with you, holding and replenishing essence at a profoundly deep level. The frequency is vibrating with universal healing and ligh and flowing into your natural heritage and connection to your highest healing powers. 

Breathe as you feel this connection to God at a core ancestral level. Each breath strengthening and creating resiliency within you. 

Each breath reviving you at this soulful level. 

All frequencies of energy related to exhaustion are leaving your being in this moment.  

As the glory of your highest healing power surrounds you in all directions, feel the gentle, calming energy, 

As we come into the final moments together, don't forget that you can reclaim this beautiful connection to God and ancestral energy anytime you feel overwhelmed or exhausted after engaging a narcissist or any energy vampire, take a deeper breath and feel prepared and ready for your next activity. 



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