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Fool Proof Tactics to Get a Quieter, Focused Brain

Fool Proof Tactics to Get a Quieter, Focused Brain

anxiety relief audio healing guided meditation herbal healing qi gong healing Jul 19, 2022

I feel discombobulated! 

Do you feel scattered and overwhelmed at times? Is life throwing way too many challenges at you, one right after the other?

Is your brain and mind a noisy place that gives you no rest?

You are not alone.

Listen to the 9 minute reset, then try these two simple strategies to get to a quieter and more focused place daily.

(1) Take 5-10 minute resets as you move through the day to breathe deeply.

Research shows that when we engage a long slow deep exhalation that is 2-4 counts longer than our inhalations, the longest nerve in body--the vagus nerve, calms down. 

This allows us to calm our thoughts and feelings--while relaxing our bodies.

The good news is that all of the Aiki Healing sound healings integrate this type of breathing so just pop onto this blog and pick from the library of free resets.  Set your smart watches to ting you at least 2 times a day to remind you to reset yourself. 

(2)  Embrace gratitude as a living practice.

Our God is a benevolent God and has provided to you deep care and all the resources that you need to thrive when you get out of your own way and embrace that abundant flow of blessings.

But how do you get out of your way?  


Yes, actively and consciously looking around in your world and finding at least one thing to express gratitude about--and linger on that feeling of expansiveness that comes when we praise and thank God deeply.

The energy of gratitude immediately creates a shift in the brain and calms busy thoughts--and reassures us that we are well cared for by a God who is every watchful.

As always, let me know how you experienced this reset--and where you may need more help.


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Editorial Note:

Kay is no longer broadcasting on Clubhouse and will post where her new podcast will be hosted.



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