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Healing through Vulnerable Moments: Follow Your Deepest Guidance

Healing through Vulnerable Moments: Follow Your Deepest Guidance

May 30, 2022

When we are most vulnerable, we can feel unsettled, scattered, ambiguous, hesitant--and this is NORMAL.

Wrap your tribe members around you when this is the case--to help you delve deep inside to see what the source of vulnerability is--often times it is an energy force that is not beneficial to you but that looks initially comforting or looks like it is an answer to your prayers.

Be discerning.

For in your times of vulnerability, you can be swayed to temporarily go down paths that aren't truly beneficial and it's okay to pull back and shift directions.

Yet, we empaths often have challenges doing this without feeling guilty or trying to care take others as we pull back, but it's okay to take care of you and trust the universe will take care of those around you who are impacted by your shift in direction.

You don't owe anyone an explanation other than you need to shift directions and to do what is is alignment with your soul--for when you do that, you are in alignment with God.

Notice what responses are to your change in direction. People who are truly non judgmental and evolved will accept your choice with grace and understanding--without a hint of criticism or projections.  They will support you even if they are disappointed and express gratitude but those who are about draining your energy by pushing their own agendas will judge, criticize or project things on to you that are simply not true.  

Remember in this realm of energy--your alignment is the number one thing you must care take well...even during your most vulnerable moments.  The reward is that great light and burst of energy that will flow into you when you are free of distractions from your true direction and path.

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