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Listen to Your Gut: Quick Healing to Soothe Narc Attacks

Listen to Your Gut: Quick Healing to Soothe Narc Attacks

anxiety relief herbal healing quick self care Apr 18, 2023

Do you ever feel your  stomach upset or acid reflux after you have engaged a narcissist?

Ugh--we all get that unsettling, discombobulated feeling.

Here's how you can reset yourself when that happens.

Grab a cup of your favorite meat stock  or even a cup of warm tea and listen to this gentle 2 minute reset to settle your digestive organs and begin centering yourself through self care deeply.

Need a great recipe for a healing meat stock?  Try this meat stock link. It's one of the best ones I've tried and created with love by Suzy of "Cooking with Suzy" an expert with healing the gut with flavorful foods that are easy to make.

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