Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing
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Heal from Narcissistic Damage: 5 Minutes to Access God's Courage

anxiety relief audio healing guided meditation Oct 12, 2023

Welcome to Get Your Mojo Back, Quick Resets to Help Empath Women Heal Narcissistic Abuse.

Allow yourself to pick a posture as we go through healing the energy of fears. Often times, when we are really exhausted from the damage that comes from engaging narcissistic people, our level of fears will rise, and sometimes it can feel debilitating.

Let's do something to reduce those fears right now.

Listen to the five minute reset or read it.
Allow your hands, if you can access it, to rest on your lower back.

If that's not possible, let your hands rest on your lower belly.

We are working with the water element, which houses the emotion of fear. Let's begin with a long exhalation.

Pull your belly towards your spine, expelling the frequency of fear from your breath.

As you inhale, draw in God's courage, feeling it float deep into the lower belly. As you exhale, release. Any fears, let it flow outward.

As you inhale, draw in God's courage and strength. Feel it flow inward.

Last exhalation with the focus of releasing fears, tightness, stress, anxiety. Breathe naturally and in your own way, drawing your awareness to your hands, resting either on the lower back or the lower belly.

Breathe as the divinity of God begins to flow like beautiful waves from the ocean, courage, each wave flowing over you with a sense of resiliency, protection, and safety. Feel God holding you in this space of utter safety.

Feel His shielding in every direction unfold around you.

And as you rest into the safety of His shielding, feel your natural courage as a gift from God beginning to slowly increase.

Your capacity for courage is expanding as God continues to hold you in a space of safety.

Feel the gentleness of God's healing flowing all around you and through you flowing deep into the lower back and the lower belly where fear is often held—replacing, cell by cell, the frequency of fear with the energy of courage, resiliency, and strength.

Breathe. Expand.

And on your next exhalation, release those deeper strands of fear that may be held deep within your body.

As you continue this cycle of inhaling courage and releasing fears, invite yourself to anchor and center your energy in the lower belly as we come into our final moments together.

Breathe. And feel replenished and ready for your next activities. Relax.

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