Qi Gong Healing for Overwhelmed & Exhausted Empathic Women
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5 Minute Energy Healing for Anxious Empaths

anxiety relief audio healing guided meditation Mar 03, 2022

Anxiety is common among empathic women combined with depression and that deep sense of brain fog. 

This natural qi gong energy audio healing will help you to dial down the anxiety naturally and return you to center as well as calm your nervous system deeply.

The key when anxiety is building is to take 5 minute breaks to retrain your brain and body to relax and slow down because anxiety is a habitual response to not feeling safe, in control or settled in your senses.

By taking these short mindful meditation and healing breaks, you empower your brain and body to create a new pattern of relaxation and stress relief that slowly becomes a part of your walk versus that frantic or scattered walk that many of us have come to accept as the norm for how we move through life.

Over time, using this gentle practice will also help you to reclaim and revive your energy for chronic fatigue is often the result of carrying the draining energy of anxiety day in and day out. Try it out and let me know in the comments how you experienced this reset.

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