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Day 6: 8 Days Challenge to Get Closer to God through Sunrises

qi gong healing quick self care Jan 20, 2023

Fun Empath Fact

We have the ability to connect in deeply with God through every molecule of sunshine.

Make it a practice to rise early and watch the sunrise to really feel the power of God grounding and centering you.

Do some simple qi gong breathing while you gaze at the colors.

Exhale long for a count  of six through nostrils with the intention of letting go of any energies within you that are not aligned with God.

Inhale as you count to 4 as you visualize God's energy coning inward to fill every atom of your being.

End with storing the energy, qi gong style, at your lower belly. by placing hands there and just settling.

It is the quickest remedy for relieving overwhelm and exhaustion and starts your day powerfully.

When was the last time you watched a sunrise?

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