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Fight Holiday Exhaustion with this Quick Gratitude Reset

Fight Holiday Exhaustion with this Quick Gratitude Reset

Nov 24, 2022

Note: Don't forget to vote for me and ask all your friends and family to vote too. I am number 10 and need to move to number 1  by 9 pm CST tonight to stay in the competition.

I am ever grateful not just for your votes but for the beautiful presence you all have in my life and the privilege that I have to be in your lives.  I praise our God for bringing us together and keeping us close, year after year in the special ways that He does each moment and every day.

May you enjoy the special energy of this day of gathering in gratitude and grow your abundant hearts and souls in our Lord Jesus Christ.   


Now on to the Reset

You don't have to be drained by the holidays as an empath.

Listen to this quick reset and revive yourself. Then follow these simple tips to avoid holiday burnout.

Listen to your body and feelings and say NO.

It's okay to acknowledge that as an empath you need more quiet and rest time. Say no to extra events and also cut activities short.  

Often times, we do not give ourselves permission to shut down and feel guilty if we turn down social gatherings.  

I am here to encourage you to take care of you. 

Take Your 5-8 minute Resets Throughout the Day

Set your smart phones to remind you to take the break.  Excuse yourself to the bathroom if you're the host--and reset yourself.  Step outside on a patio and reset yourself.  It doesn't matter where --but put this reset in your ears or visit my blog to experience other resets.  But DO IT--consistently.

You'll find that you can end a holiday gathering with energy instead of feeling drained when you allow yourself small moments of refuel time.

Light and love,





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