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Qi Gong Healing for Empaths: Let Go of Overwhelm

audio healing guided meditation qi gong healing Feb 11, 2022

This forest bathing reset will help you embrace self care this weekend--in only 3 minutes.

Have you used it before? Great--try it again for each time you use this reset, it will create different shifts within your emotions and brain.

So people often ask me, "Kay, so many mindful 'coaches' advise long periods of meditation of at least 30 minutes or more--why do you provide such short resets?" 

Because research shows that the cumulative practice of shorter resets for our brains yields greater and more sustainable results.

Let me help you get out of that cycle of knowing you need to revive but not finding the time or energy to do it.

Try this 3 minute reset, then drop a line to [email protected] to let me know how you experienced it--and where you need more help or support.

Light and love,



I am starting a new cohort of the 12 Week Get Your Mojo Back healing journey on 1/28. If you want to engage in a deep healing Saturday mornings at 11 am CST or catch it in the replay then use custom 3-5 minute resets to realign with God as a way of dialing down overwhelm and the overstimulation of being an empath, join our beautiful cohort tribe and start feeling better. 

Tell me "I am interested" and I'll send you details on how it works and all the details you need to know to join us.


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