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Qi Gong Reset: Make Your Empathic Nature Your Biggest Gift vs. a Curse

Qi Gong Reset: Make Your Empathic Nature Your Biggest Gift vs. a Curse

Sep 20, 2022

Kay!  I know being an empath is a gift but so often it feels like a curse. I feel so overwhelmed!

Sound familiar?

This qi gong healing and breathwork reset will help you to let go of the overwhelm and tap into the amazing gifts you have as an empathic and use the frequency of JOY to repattern yourself cell by cell into a state of celebration of your naturally sensitive self.

As always, drop me a comment below or at [email protected] to let me know how you experienced this reset and where you may need further help.

Don't forget to tune into the live broadcasts on Clubhouse Tuesdays-Fridays 8:45/50 am CST for other quick healings to get your day (or evenings depending on where you are in the world) off to a relaxed state.


Ask me about the "Get Your Mojo" back cohort coming up soon where you can immerse yourself in audio healings, mindful movements and healing recipes all at your finger tips --and receive one-on-one mentoring with me. It's easy peasy healing that is as easy to partake of as laying on your favorite lounger or soaking in a bathtub.  At last--healing made just for your sensitive nature that doesn't take extra bandwidth.

Email me the word MOJO and I'm so happy to share more about this deeply relaxing and reviving healing journey.

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