Recover from Narcissistic Abuse Faster with Qi Gong Healing
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Aiki Healing: Heal Narcissistic Abuse Easily
Qi Gong Reset for Empaths: Rediscover Your Gifts as an Empath

Qi Gong Reset for Empaths: Rediscover Your Gifts as an Empath

guided meditation qi gong healing quick self care Oct 12, 2022

So often we feel as if we're missing the key to balancing ourselves as empaths.

We know that being sensitive and intuitive are gifts, but we feel so unsettled and exhausted by having to feel the emotions of others and process all the chaos in the world.

This healing will help you tap into the power of being an empath and remind you that you are never alone in the experience of being a sensitive radar in the world.

Try it and let me know in the comments or through a message to my personal inbox [email protected] how you experienced this healing. What was useful? What was challenging?

If the healing energy of jin yin hua/honeysuckle this reset resonated for you, ask me about the Aiki Healing Herbal Journey for empaths--a four week, easy way to self care deeply and revive yourself with the essence of herbs.

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