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Stop the Exhaustion Empathic Women: Qi Gong Reset to Realign with God's Energy

Oct 16, 2022

Long week? No time to revive yourself?

Feeling exhausted?

You deserve to feel better.

This excerpt from the Get Your Mojo Back healing journey will help you to:

  • Realign with God's frequency to feel higher energy.
  • Revive your kidneys and adrenals.
  • Melt stress.
  • Get a quieter brain.

Click on the play button above and enjoy this 17 minute reset.

Just watch and listen.

Even if you don't move your body, you will benefit from just watching and breathing. as I evoke the Holy Spirit to reconnect us to the power of God to refuel our tired tanks.

Light and soul hugs,


It's not too late to join the fall cohort of "Get Your Mojo Back" 12 week healing journey that is as easy to engage as laying on your lounger or soaking in your bathtub. 

Easy peasy healing in your earbuds to recharge you as an empath and help you make your sensitivity your super power instead of it being a super drainer.

Before the holiday craziness hits, treat yourself to:

  • Deep states of consistent calmness.
  • Higher levels of energy.
  • Life without the overwhelm of all those intense feelings.

Reply with MOJO to [email protected] and I'll take care of the rest.

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